The Concept of a Future “Ideal Empire”

The Concept of a Future “Ideal Empire”


What would a future ideal “Empire” look like?

The concept of “Nation” is here to stay.

If the whole World would have been the same – “One single Nation” – things would have been a lot less exciting.

It’s the variation among Nations, Cultures and Languages, people and their differing ways of living, the diversities that bring excitement to our World.

So a future “Ideal Empire” would be a “Supra-National Entity”.


How would the “Empire” operate?

If a Nation agrees to join the “Empire”, it has to make certain changes to its Constitution, Laws and Government and how it operates. Some of the governing tasks would be delegated to the “Empire”; while the rest would remain in the hands of National Governments.



How could Nations join the “Empire”?

By referendum.
If 50% + (or 67% +) people on a Nation believe that it would be better to join the “Empire” and vote, the Nation could integrate itself into the Empire.


Currently, the Organization that comes closest to our conception of the Future “Ideal Empire” is the “European Union” [1].


If we look around the Globe:

United States (US), United Kingdom (UK) and Canada,

Bangladesh and India,

Taiwan, Hong Kong and Tibet,

Nations from the EU Region and Ukraine,

Israel, Iran and the Gulf Nations,

Mexico and Cuba

would quickly join the “Empire”!

So, not very far off from actual realization!




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