Plans For TV Media: Independent Channel (Bangladesh)


  • Focus: Youth. তারুণ্য.

Youth Success Stories. Youth Presenter / Youth Host (Adult supervision).Youth Talk Shows. [Youth participants from all over Bangladesh, not just Dhaka.] #YouthEmpowerment

  • Focus: Success Stories (Bangladeshis – Home & Abroad). [Inspiration for Audience]
  • Focus: Urban and Rural Areas outside of Dhaka: Chittagong, Rangpur, etc.
  • TV Program: Science & Engineering

Science & Engineering News (Explanation of Scientific concepts in simple terms).

Section: How Things work – Animation ( “রেফ্রিজারেটার কিভাবে কাজ করে”).

  • TV Program: Business & Economics

News. Finance & Stock Market. Industry Analysis.

Section: Economics 101 – Animation (অর্থনীতির পাঠ).

  • TV Program: Careers. [Kajerkhoje]. Report on Careers.
  • TV Program: Public debate show.


  • TV Program: News from Around The World. Special Reports.
  • TV Program: Bangladeshi Expatriates (Bangladeshi American, British Bangladeshis, etc.). 
  • Limits: Restrictions. Censorship.
  • Celebrity. Focus: Social / Welfare Work. Future Plans.
  • English subtitles (Youtube). [Geared towards International Audience]


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