Around Middle East, Central Asia & North Africa [07.08.15]





Currently, Iranian Government is close to a Nuclear Deal with six major World powers. #IranNuclearDeal

… President Hassan Rouhani has given some prominent roles in government to members of minority groups ( #MinorityRights ) and women ( #WomenEmpowerment ).

… Mr. Rouhani’s government installed a new president at the university. Some expelled professors have been rehired. The university has returned to international academic gatherings and recently welcomed a student recruiting mission from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT#HighQualityEducationForAll

… More than half of Iran’s 75 million people are under 35 years old.

Many younger Iranians have taken heart in the corruption charges brought against two major figures from the presidency of Mr. Rouhani’s predecessor. #SayNoToCorruption

“They’ve realized they can’t manage the country without us.” #YouthEmpowerment

Younger Iranians are connected to the Internet and the world as never before. #HighSpeedInternetForAll

“Social media is being used by everyone and in every different way.” #SocialMediaForSocietalTransformation

Young Iranians spend hours on the website of online retailer Digikala, where they compare products. “The way people are thinking is changing.” #EntrepreneurshipDevelopment

Hafez Safaee, 21, wants to be a barista. “I want to bring people together through coffee,” he says.

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