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  • Did Biological Evolution really happen?

Yes. But the process of Evolution is not ‘Natural Selection’. It’s ‘Evolution by Intelligent Design’, with corresponding changes in the Genome.

We’ll soon figure out (find evidence) that, Metamorphosis doesn’t happen only in Kafka’s World!

  • Opinion on Sharing Economy

Sharing Economy is one way of Introducing Efficiency into the Economy.

Caution: Regulation; Security; (Is it really going to make the particular “Service” better?); Macroeconomic factors (the effect on traditional jobs, traditional way of doing things) etc.

Our Economies and Institutions are vastly inefficient. Introducing “Sharing Economy” Models & Services (with caution) is (or could be, Depending on how it’s applied in the particular case) just one way of getting things work better.

  • Jesus is ‘The way’. So, should the followers of Jesus constrain themselves to the study of Biology and Social Sciences only (Assuming that Jesus never used ‘Technology’, nor studied ‘Physics’ as we know it today)?

Brain Scientists wonder about the Relation between Language and Thought. They ask: Does Language influence Thought? (It’s one of those famous yet-to-be-answered questions in Cognitive, Psychological & Behavioral Sciences.)

The answer: Language influences and shapes Thought.

Our Use of Language is Constrained by Each Individual’s ‘Learned Models’ for words and concepts that are being used.

When we use the term ‘Technology’, most of us visualize and mean ‘Complex Machines’ (Our ‘Learned Model’ for the word ‘Technology’).

Many reason: “There weren’t ‘Complex Machines’ in Jesus’s time. So, ‘maybe’ ‘Technology’ is not ‘the way’. And, wouldn’t it be better if we could completely go back to life at earlier times?”

To answer, we should first consider: Is ‘Technology’ really limited to Complex Machines only? Or more precisely: Is our Use of Language correct in this particular instance?

Any man-made object that Makes life Easier and Better for people is ‘Technology’. So ‘Wheels’ are Technologies. There were ‘Chariots’ in Jesus’s time; now, we have ‘Cars’; next: ‘Autonomous Electric Vehicles’. There were lamps, now we have light bulbs, and many are moving to LED bulbs. It’s Evolution of Technology.

‘Technologies’ we use today surely aren’t perfect. We are At a certain stage in our progression towards Ultimate Technological PossibilitiesNear future will bring Better Technologies that have Less to Zero Side-effects (e.g., Less to zero Environmental Effects – Electric Cars and LED bulbs), Technologies that are more Humane (Computers with near perfect Speech Recognition, human-centered design for Products), and Technologies that are nearly or equally as Complex as Life (Life-like systems built with Nanotechnology).

God created the Universe and God knows more Physics than any of you could ever imagine! Jesus is God.

  • Does Language influence Thought?

Answered above.


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