Managing Complexity

Managing Complexity In Your Head

Finding it hard to understand a complex phenomenon?

How do you manage complexity in your head?

1. Visualization / Imagination

Imagination by Katrina Kaif


‘The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination’ – Imagination by Katrina Kaif

Language and words are discrete. Visualize, so you see ‘all’, ‘the whole’ at once.

  • Organization
  • Connected Structure – how parts are connected to form the whole; what happens when a part is changed.
  • Chunking

2. Abstraction

Create Abstractions to help you see whole in terms of abstract concepts, when it’s hard to see ‘whole’ at once.

  • Visualization is usually top-down; creating abstractions can be done both bottom-up and top-down.
  • Recursive definitions are one type of abstraction.
  • Naming.
  • Concept borrowed from Computer Science; applicable across disciplines.

3. Generalization



‘Have a good day , and a great week , and just a wonderful life in general ! ‘ – Generalization by Katrina Kaif

Abstract classes and classes of behaviors into Generalizations.

Science is all about discovering generalizations.

4. Systems Thinking

Divide the whole into systems and the systems into sub-systems and their interactions – Systems Thinking.

5. Knowledge Ontology

Organize generalizations into Knowledge Ontology.

Move up and down between Multiple Levels Of Abstractions.

Concept borrowed from Artificial Intelligence (AI).

6. Point of View / Perspective


Perspective by Katrina Kaif

Find new Points of view from which to look at the domain under consideration (examples include how American Physicist Richard Feynman found new way of looking at interactions between light and matter which helped him discard infinities and formulate QED).




‘Seeing the world through different glasses’ – Point of view, zooming in and out by Katrina Kaif

  • Understand part (representative element / elements) to understand the whole – Part – Whole.
  • Lens tool – “zoom in” and “zoom out”.







‘If plan A didn’t work stay cool, the Alphabet has 25 more letters’ – Google Alphabet by Katrina Kaif

  • Problem – Sub-problem
    • Examples
      • Recursion
      • Dynamic Programming
      • Mathematical Induction


  • Individual Element – Whole 
    • Examples
      • Matrix Multiplication: individual element = respective row * column
      • Proof of Inclusion Exclusion Principle.
      • Coloring Principle (Problem Solving Heuristic)
      • Telescoping Tool (Mathematical Problem Solving; Series Summation)
  • Local Behavior – Global Behavior
    • Invariance Principle (Problem Solving Heuristic)
      • Change in individual states – Invariant Global function.
    • Iteration in Computing
      • Thinking in terms of change in state in an iteration.



At the end of the day: ‘Hold on, I’ve gotta overthink about it!’ – Managing complexity by Katrina Kaif

Miraculous Powers

 Miraculous Powers

  • Healing; Body enhancement; Everlasting youth. 
  • Moving to any location at will; Teleportation; Disappearance – Reappearance; Bilocation; Parallel existence (Time travel).
  • Resurrection of the dead.
  • Determining birth, family and death.
  • Forgiving sins.
  • Precognition; Future vision; Prophecy.
  • Mind control; Knowing hearts, Reading minds.
  • Sensing, Controlling body organs; Sensing, Controlling multiple bodies at once (Mind over bodies).
  • Intensifying bodily senses; Hypersensitivity; Full-body multiple Feelings; Supersensitivity, Higher Feelings (Million times more intense. See NDE.).
  • Reshaping / Redesigning human body, organs & physiology (Feelings; Space, Planet).
  • Telepathy; Automatic translation of thought from one language to another (Language-independent medium).
  • Telepathic communication with animals.
  • Communication with extraterrestrial intelligence (ET).
  • Clairvoyance; Remote viewing.
  • Communication with the deceased; Communication with spirits.
  • Past life memory recall.
  • Electronic gadget control; Electronic communication control; Creating, editing Information / Audio / Video.
  • Telekinesis; Mind over matter.
  • Going back in time (one week; one year; Prehistoric) with others.
  • Moving to other Universes / Worlds; Fantastic worlds.
  • Protecting lives of people; Protection from harm.
  • Creating new Worlds; Creating new Universes.
  • Levitation; Flight.
  • Walking on water.
  • Exorcism.
  • Transfiguration.
  • Feeding multitude; Material creation; Transmutation.
  • Weather control.
  • Evolving one species into another at will (Metamorphosis).
  • Turning non-living into living; Giving life.

Miraculous Powers – 01: Miracles of Jesus

Miraculous Powers – 02: Science of Miracles, Miracles as Technology (Pointers for exploration)