Miraculous Powers

 Miraculous Powers

  • Healing; Body enhancement; Everlasting youth. 
  • Moving to any location at will; Teleportation; Disappearance – Reappearance; Bilocation; Parallel existence (Time travel).
  • Resurrection of the dead.
  • Determining birth, family and death.
  • Forgiving sins.
  • Precognition; Future vision; Prophecy.
  • Mind control; Knowing hearts, Reading minds.
  • Sensing, Controlling multiple bodies at once (Mind over bodies).
  • Intensifying bodily senses; Hypersensitivity; Supersensitivity, Higher Feelings (Thousand times more intense.).
  • Reshaping / Redesigning human body, organs & physiology (Space, Planet).
  • Telepathy; Automatic translation of thought from one language to another (Language-independent medium).
  • Telepathic communication with animals.
  • Communication with extraterrestrial intelligence (ET).
  • Clairvoyance; Remote viewing.
  • Communication with the deceased; Communication with spirits.
  • Past life memory recall.
  • Electronic gadget control; Electronic communication control; Creating, editing Information / Audio / Video.
  • Telekinesis; Mind over matter.
  • Going back in time (one week; one year; Prehistoric) with others.
  • Moving to other Universes / Worlds; Fantastic worlds.
  • Protecting lives of people; Protection from harm.
  • Creating new Worlds; Creating new Universes.
  • Levitation; Flight.
  • Walking on water.
  • Exorcism.
  • Transfiguration.
  • Feeding multitude; Material creation; Transmutation.
  • Weather control.
  • Evolving one species into another at will (Metamorphosis).
  • Turning non-living into living; Giving life.

Miraculous Powers – 01: Miracles of Jesus

Miraculous Powers – 02: Science of Miracles, Miracles as Technology (Pointers for exploration)

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