10 Principles

10 Principles To Believe In. 10 Principles To Base Your Life On.

1. # Maximizing Happiness And Feelings In God Approved Ways As Meaning Of Life   (God created the Universe for His own Happiness and Feelings; created the Universe as His abiding place. From Atom to Society to Galaxy, design was driven by the singular goal of maximization of God’s Happiness and Feelings.)

2. # Human created Systems Technology Art Knowledge Organizations Are God Inspired   (Holy Spirit is inspiration from God.) 

3. # Universe Is Designed Such That Individual Pursuit Of Happiness Translates Into Collective Welfare   (In Science, pursuit of Nobel Prize drives Human Knowledge Advancement. In case of Economics, see Adam Smith.)

4. # Promote Innovation And Creative Expression

5. # Focus On Challenges Milestones Prizes Accomplishments

6. # You Receive According To Your Deeds Over All Lives Lived  

7. # Reward Punishment Comes As Materialistic Gains Or Losses And As Feelings

8. # Learning Earning Business Politics Research Engineering Count As Good Deeds

9. # Empower Others And Increase Happiness

10. # Earth Shall Become Paradise   (God, on His ‘Second Coming’ in human form, destroys all evil and evil temptation. At the end of ‘Apocalypse’, God institutes ‘Final Judgment’. God establishes His everlasting Kingdom on Earth. God rules over all Nations. God rules over all Planets.)

“He (Christ) ascended into heaven. He comes again with great power and glory to judge the living and the dead, and His kingdom will have no end. We look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come.”


#Roman Catholic Church

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