Catholic Teachings, Catholic Quotes


Catholic Teachings, Catholic Quotes:

  1. “God dreams big, wants to transform world, defeat evil.”
  2. “Just as God had the creativity to make the world, he has creativity to make new things each day.”
  3. “God created us to build, give life, move forward, create community & live in peace.”
  4. “God, creator of heaven & earth, doesn’t need to be protected by men; indeed, it is he who protects them.”
  5. “God made the universe; every new surprise is a tiny burst of joy before his creative greatness.”
  6. (To young people) begin day praying, “Lord, challenge me today and give me the strength to rise to the challenge”.
  7. “I love so much this Jesus that bothers, pushes” us out of comfort zone.
  8. “There are three possible voices in our head: God’s, ours and the voice of the world.”
  9. “Never underestimate the power of God’s Spirit working in you and through you and despite you … most of the time unbeknownst to you and me.”
  10. “It’s no use whining about the times because we are the times. It is through us that God acts in society.”
  11. Each and every person “is a story of love that God has written on this earth.”
  12. “Be happy in hoping, don’t only hope to be happy.”
  13. “Joy, a sign of God’s presence, is what church needs.”
  14. “Let Jesus be known in the world of politics, business, arts, science, technology & social media.”
  15. “The world of work is a human priority & therefore a Christian priority, a priority of the pope.”
  16. “True [economic] development is growth economically, with work, culture, family, faith — all are key to human flourishing.”
  17. “True [economic] development is measured by concern for human beings, their education, health and dignity.”
  18. “[Economic] development is: access to housing, dignified & properly remunerated jobs, adequate food, water; freedom & education.”
  19. “There can’t be a good economy without good businessmen, without their capacity to create and to produce.”
  20. “Successful businesses are essential to democracy.”
  21. “To end poverty, we must let the poor be active agents of own future. Let them organize, have education.”
  22. “Why be afraid when God is always showing the way.”
  23. “God can do the impossible. He will do miraculous things.”
  24. “Christians should act and pray so that the world can & will awake from long night of tribulation.”
  25. “Christians can find comfort in knowing God has prepared for us a different future.”
  26. “God created us because he wants us to be happy.”
  27. “Our most beautiful days have yet to come. We are more people of spring than of autumn.”
  28. “God wants people to live with joy, and to dream with him of a better world. Christians must cultivate a ‘healthy utopia’ based on what God wants for the world.”
  29. “Young people who are not seeking something or looking for meaning in life have gone into retirement.”
  30. “Jesus wants to continue building his church with us, this house that has solid foundations. Even if we are only ‘small stones,’ not rocks like St Peter, Jesus transforms us, uses us to build his church.”
  31. Churches can continue along the path of true unity and communion.”
  32. “Each person has a place & mission in the church.”
  33. “God knows us by name.”
  34. “What joy to know that God is real, alive, not an idol and, therefore, will never let us down.”
  35. “The Annunciation shows God takes the initiative. He wants to be born into our homes & daily lives.”
  36. “Our great challenge is to speak to men and women about the closeness of God, who considers us his children.”
  37. “People must be careful not to dash the hopes & dreams of young people or make them feel exploited.”
  38. “No to every type of drug use… Yes to education.”
  39. “God knows what we need more than we do ourselves.”
  40. “Bridge the gap between science and faith through education.”
  41. “The answer to today’s challenges: Jesus.”
  42. “Eliminate nuclear weapon, and instead devote resources to [economic] development.”
  43. “Boost cooperation among nations to end the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.”
  44. “It’s an absurd contradiction to speak of peace, and at the same time promote or permit the arms trade. Eliminate arms trade.”
  45. “Eliminate violence, uphold dignity of all.”
  46. “Corruption is one of the most serious sins that plagues our world today.”
  47. “World needs to be saved from corruption, extortion, drug/arms trades, human trafficking.”

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