Industry: Startups, Corporations, Inventions, Development

  • Theological brilliance
    • Tasks that require extraordinary ability: Memorizing the whole Bible, Interpretation
  • Miracle; Healing (Medical Discovery/Miracle); Major Scientific Discovery; Life events (Miracles)
  • Ruler; Worldwide work
  • Holy Spirit / Spirit of God (Prophecy/Prediction fulfillment); Biblical prophecy fulfillment
  • Politics, Economics knowledge / Major Discovery
  • Ability to convert

Bio / Biomedical Engineering


Cure: Curing Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, Curing blindness, Gene therapy, Tissue engineering

Medical Gadgets: Non-invasive lightweight health diagnostics system

Enhancement: Infrared vision, Enhanced Immune system  

Synthetic Biology: De-extinction / Resurrecting extinct species, De-extinction of Dinosaur; Genetically modified organisms, Intelligent Mouse, Talking Chimpanzee

Science: Brain, Genome, Cell