Development Missions

Development Missions

1. Increase Food Production to End Hunger

2. Ensure Access to Clean Water and Sanitation

3. Ensure Energy Adequacy

4. High Quality Education for All

5. Build Better Health Care System   [ Public / Private ]   

6. High Speed Internet for All    [ Develop Internet and Telecommunication Infrastructure ]

7. Develop Industries & Industrial Sectors    [ Software / ICT Industry, IoT / Smart Products Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Automotive Industry, Biotech Industry ]

8. Build Better Cities

9. Infrastructure and Services for Development 

10. Business for Enrichment of Human Lives    Business for Economic Development

11. Leverage ICT for Development

12. Innovate Technology to solve Development Problems

13. Improve Means of Transportation

14. Technology Development Platforms for Mass Empowerment    [ Maker Movement, Girls Who Code, DIY Bio ]

15. Democracy for Nations

16. Build Strong Public Institutions

17. Free Market Economy for Nations

18. Ensure Ease of Doing Business 

19. Entrepreneurship Development

20. Employment for All

21. Finance And Banking for All 

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