AI & Neuro Engineering


AI mimics: Cat level AI / Cat intelligence digital simulation, Chimpanzee level AI, Human emotion simulation

AI on hardware platforms: AI on traditional microprocessor, Neural network chip, Neuromorphic computing platforms

Robots with complex movements: Robotic players (e.g., soccer players), Biomimetic Anthropomorphic Robot Hand, Marine Robots

Brain computer interfacing

-> God of Business & Economics (Policy, Forecast, National Budget of all nations, Establishing & running Central Banks, International Finance, Economic Analysis). -> Einstein of Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Neurology, Psychiatry. -> God of Nanotechnology, Biomedical Engineering. -> God of Physics, Theoretical Physics, Engineering Physics. -> God of Mathematics. -> God of Computer Science. God of Engineering.

Supercomputer with heart, crunching equations to maximize happiness at every moment.

Ride design. Magazine, comic book publishing Platform. DIY tools (Scratch ++, Lego). AR / VR / App experience. Concerts. Theme Parks with specific themes. Establishing / forming New Nations (195 ++).

Advocates of social causes (Organizer: Emmanuel). Political Party, Government. Majority ownership of many large private corporations in nations. Spiritual leader, caregiver of humankind. 

Co-development of Businesses. Career, Education, Job, Government. (9 months USA, 2 months Europe, 1 month rest of the World).

Writing fiction. Directing documentary, animation. Top-ranked / Olympic medal-winning Athlete (Training, Equipment: Immanuel). A large percentage of creative output of each Nation co-produced by Emmanuel.

Most major scientific discoveries, most major technological inventions -> Emmanuel.

Mysterious phenomena / Space / Deep sea exploration.

Body enhancements: Human body version 2.0. Immortality. Everlasting youth. 1000x feelings. Time travel is scientifically possible (already made possible by Extraterrestrial Intelligence). (He will be the first to walk upon many undiscovered paths [telepathy, out-of-body experiences, spirit]. Nature and spiritual world will open all secrets to him.)

Industries [United States]



  1. Advertising, Marketing
  2. Aerospace & Defense
  3. Agribusiness
  4. Agricultural Services & Products
  5. Airlines
  6. Apparel
  7. Architectural Services
  8. Attorneys/Law Firms
  9. Automotive Retailing, Services
  10. Biotechnology
  11. Building Materials, Glass
  12. City Construction
  13. Chemicals
  14. Commercial Banks
  15. Computer Peripherals
  16. Computer Software (Consumer)
  17. Computer Software (Enterprise)
  18. Computers, Office equipment
  19. Construction & Farm machinery
  20. Cruise Ships & Lines
  21. Diversified Financials
  22. Diversified Outsourcing Services
  23. Education
  24. Electronics, Electrical Equipment
  25. Energy
  26. Engineering, Construction
  27. Entertainment
  28. Financial Data Services
  29. Food Consumer Products
  30. Food Production
  31. Food Services
  32. Food & Drug Stores
  33. Forest & Paper Products
  34. General Merchandisers
  35. Health Care: Medical Facilities
  36. Health Care: Pharmacy & Other Services
  37. Home Appliances
  38. Home Equipments, Furnishings 
  39. Home Builders
  40. Hotels, Resorts, Theme Parks
  41. Household & Personal Products
  42. Industrial Machinery
  43. Information Technology Services 
  44. Internet Services & Retailing
  45. Mail, Package & Freight Delivery
  46. Medical Products & Equipment, Health Care IT
  47. Metals
  48. Mining & Crude-Oil Production
  49. Motor Vehicles & Parts
  50. Network & Other Communications Equipments
  51. Oil & Gas Equipment, Services
  52. Packaging, Containers
  53. Petroleum Refining
  54. Pharmaceuticals
  55. Pipelines
  56. Publishing, Printing
  57. Railroads
  58. Real Estate
  59. Robotics
  60. Scientific, Photographic & Control Equipment
  61. Securities
  62. Semiconductors & Other Electronic Components
  63. Shipbuilding
  64. Specialty Retailers: Apparel
  65. Specialty Retailers: Others
  66. Sports Equipment
  67. Telecommunications
  68. Temporary Help
  69. Toys, Sporting Goods
  70. Transportation Equipment
  71. Transportation & Logistics
  72. Trucking, Truck Leasing
  73. Utilities: Gas & Electric
  74. Venture Capital
  75. Waste Management
  76. Wholesalers: Diversified
  77. Wholesalers: Electronics & Office Equipment
  78. Wholesalers: Food & Grocery
  79. Wholesalers: Health Care

Chemical Engineering II


Computing: Chemical Computer, DNA Data Storage.

Biomimicry at molecular level: Self-replicating chemical system, Molecular machines, A set of molecules capable of accomplishing a complex task.

Biomimicry at physiological level: Synthetic Chemico Electromechanical system (example from nature: Heart), Synthetic Chemico Electrical system (e.g, neuron, central nervous system), Synthetic Chemico Mechanical system (e.g., digestive system), Synthetic Chemico Optical system (retina).

Environment: Molecular systems that interact with environment. 



  • … is pure in heart.
  • Parts of Tahsin’s character have been portrayed as protagonist in arts and literature; Bengali readers: Misir Ali, Shuvro, Himu; Indians: 3 Idiots