Catholic News


Catholic News

“Jesus is often shown seated on his heavenly throne.”

“The writer is remembered for his defense of faith and reason. He published dozens of novels, poems and essays. He converted to Catholicism in 1922.”

“Compiling all of the writings of Father Pedro Arrupe ..

Father Cebollada is tasked with collecting all of Father Arrupe’s writings, which will be studied by theological censors who will “testify whether or not there is anything against the faith or tradition of the church.”

Father Arrupe studied medicine before entering the society.

Father Arrupe is an example of being rooted in Christ, a man of the church, a man who follows the calling of the Holy Spirit and, without fear, made the decisions he needed to make because he was rooted in God.”

“The draft document emphasizes four points ..

The Council of Cardinals released a seven-page report detailing work it has accomplished.”

“Pope Francis’ latest cardinals-designate include churchmen from five countries not currently represented in the College of Cardinals. But each of those countries — Bolivia, Pakistan, Japan, Madagascar and Iraq — has had a cardinal in the recent past. With the addition of the new cardinals, the group of electors will represent 67 nations.”

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