Urban / Smart City Development in Bangladesh


Urban Development in Bangladesh

Primary focus with regard to quality of life:

  1. Uninterrupted Electricity supply
    • Establishment of new Power Plants
  2. Water supply
  3. Gas supply
  4. Congestion-free Transportation
    • Flyover, Metro-rail, Big Data & Smarter Traffic, Mobile services
  5. High speed Internet at affordable cost

Systems that comprise a City (Requirement for development of Cities from scratch):

  1. Commercial zones; Employment
    • Most important. It’s employment opportunities that bring a large number of people to live nearby in a city.
    • Ease of doing business
  2. Education facilities
    • Schools, Colleges, Universities
  3. City Infrastructure
    • Roads & Highways
    • Services mentioned above (Power/Electricity, Water, Gas, Telecommunication)
  4. Healthcare facilities
  5. Modern Transportation e.g., Metro-rail
  6. Law & Order maintenance
  7. Modern Habitation. Smart Homes
  8. Environment Management
    • Waste Management. Water clogging management. Vehicle fume. Industrial waste. Clean Road. River pollution.
  9. Safe Food
  10. City Attractions: Museums, Zoos, Parks
    • Plus: Modern Programs, Ceremonies, Culture & Arts
  11. Architecture. Roadside building Renovation
  12. Smart City: Systems, Applications & Appliances

Urban Expansion in Bangladesh:

One city (with electricity, water, gas supply) in each Upazila (total number of Upazilas: 492, minus upazilas / thanas belonging to Cities).

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