Bangladeshi Software Companies and Services Classified


Enterprise Software


ERP & Integrated Business Application
Accounting & Financial Software
HR & Payroll Solution
CRM, Marketing & Sales Automation
Office Management Solution
Enterprise Content Management
Enterprise AI
Enterprise IoT

Specific Industries:
Banking Application
Capital Market Solution
Micro Finance (MFI) Solution
Insurance Management System
POS & Inventory Management System
Hospital Management System
Education Institute Management Application
Communication Solution
Media Content Management System
Security, Biometric & Alert Systems

Web and Mobile App Development

Web Development Service & Hosting
Mobile Application
Customized Software Development

Payment/Financial Technology



Digital Marketing

Data Analytics






App Marketplace

E-book Marketplace

Bangladesh: Industry Plans


Business for Economic Development

Business for enrichment of human lives


Agriculture, Mining Sector

  • Petroleum Exploration; Oil and Gas exploration

Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing Sector: Mechanical Engineering

  • Engineering: Automotive; Bus, Truck Manufacturing
  • Engineering: Shipbuilding
  • Engineering: Aeronautics
  • Engineering: High Speed Train; Metro Rail
  • Engineering: Power & Energy; Power Plant Construction; Renewables
  • Engineering: Mechanics & Machines; Industrial Machinery; Agricultural Machinery; Automotive, Ship, Aircraft Machinery & Electronic Systems; Naval Engineering; Light Engineering Machines, Tools. Construction Equipment; Mining Equipment

Manufacturing Sector: Computer Science and Engineering

  • Engineering: Software
  • Engineering: AI & Robotics
  • Engineering: Smart Products / IoT; Embedded Systems

Manufacturing Sector: Electrical Engineering 

  • Engineering: Telecommunication Equipment and Software; Networking Equipment and Software
  • Engineering: Electronics; Biomedical Devices; Photonics 
  • Engineering: Toys

Manufacturing Sector: Chemical Engineering. Materials Engineering.

  • Engineering: Food processing; Food & Beverage
  • Engineering: Agro-processing; Agricultural Machinery & Biotech; Agriculture: Agricultural Training & Supply. Knowledge & Technology Transfer (to Rural farmers); Web Platform as “Middleman”
  • Engineering: Agro-processing: Jute; Cotton
  • Engineering: Chemicals. Materials; Plastics; Ceramics; Cement; Paper; Steel
  • Engineering: Consumer goods
  • Engineering: Petroleum Products; Oil Refinery

Manufacturing Sector: Textile Engineering

  • Textile & Garment Industry: Marketing & Selling; Shipment; International Logistics; Retail; Structural Engineering & Safety; Textile Machinery; Agro-processing: Cotton 

Manufacturing Sector: Biomedical Engineering

  • Engineering: Pharmaceuticals; Biomedical Devices and Electronics; Telemedicine; Biotech and Genetic Engineering

Manufacturing Sector: Civil Engineering

  • Engineering: Structural Engineering & Architectural Consulting
  • Engineering: Construction; Urban Engineering: Water, Electricity, Gas. Tunnels and Bridges; Lighting and Traffic guidance System; Water System; Sea Port, Airport Construction

Service Sector

Service Sector: Information & Communication 

Service Sector: Healthcare

  • Healthcare: Hospitals, Clinics; Medical Tourism

Service Sector: Education

  • Education: 
    • Educational Institutions; Education Tools (Lab Equipment) and Technologies
    • Educational Platforms:
      • Courses & Forum; E-Book Platform; Problem Solving & Ranklist; Seminar & Competitions
      • Web-based Platform for Private Universities, Medical Colleges, Schools, Industry – Professional Training & Development; E-Library
  • Book Retail; Publishing House: Low Price Editions; Non-fiction Translations; Non-fiction / Educational / Textbooks by Bangladeshi Authors; Journals & Magazines; E-Books; Multimedia; Interactive Contents; Expansions: South Asia; South-east Asia

Service Sector: Transportation

Service Sector: Media

  • Media:
    • TV Channel; Online Radio
    • Online Media: Websites & Mobile Apps
    • Print Media: Magazines, Journals
    • Publishing House: Fiction 

Service Sector: Banking & Finance

  • Bank
  • FinTech – Financial Technology
  • International Money Transfer
  • Venture Capital Firm
  • Investment Banking; Foreign Investment Management; Economic Analysis; Financial Services; Consulting to Financial Institutions

Service Sector: Business Services

  • Export; International Logistics; Retail
  • Management & Technology Consulting; Industrial Engineering; Big Data & Business Intelligence (BI); Enterprise Software
  • Advertising & Marketing: Online, TV, Print
  • E-commerce; B2B E-commerce. Logistics
  • Industrial Design

Service Sector: Hospitality/Tourism

  • Tourism – “Beautiful Bangladesh” 
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Theme Parks & Resorts

Service Sector: Real Estate & Retail

  • Real Estate
  • Retail; Shopping Mall & Supermarket

Development of Industries and Industrial Sectors


Development of Industries and Industrial Sectors

  • People receive the gift of everlasting youth, become more beautiful.
  • The quest for invention and discovery never ends. We discover new Physics in the subatomic realm. We form new kinds of atoms with new elementary particles. New Atoms lead to new Chemistry. New Atoms also bring into existence new Engineering. New Chemistry paves the way for new Biology. As we begin space exploration, we discover new Economics, Political Science of Alien civilizations. We discover edges of our Universe, even new Universes. We begin to inhabit new earth and new heaven. The process of invention and discovery goes on for ever and ever.
  • Business: Single person / company market share in each industry can never exceed 10%, 15% or 25%.
  • After Spirit of God on people, Spirit of God on all earthly and heavenly spirits, Next: higher feelings.


  • Now that there are so many avenues for research, it’s better researchers slow down rate of (leaps in) discovery and invention and hence be fruitful in the longer term.