Bangladesh: Industry Plans


Business for Economic Development

Business for enrichment of human lives


Agriculture, Mining Sector

  • Petroleum Exploration. Oil and Gas exploration

Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing Sector: Mechanical Engineering

  • Engineering: Automotive
  • Engineering: Shipbuilding
  • Engineering: Aeronautics
  • Engineering: High Speed Train. Metro Rail
  • Engineering: Power & Energy. Power Plant Construction. Renewables
  • Engineering: Mechanics & Machines. Industrial Machinery. Agricultural Machinery. Automotive, Ship, Aircraft Machinery & Electronic Systems. Naval Engineering. Light Engineering Machines, Tools. Construction Equipment. Mining Equipment

Manufacturing Sector: Computer Science and Engineering

  • Engineering: Software
  • Engineering: AI & Robotics
  • Engineering: Smart Products / IoT. Embedded Systems

Manufacturing Sector: Electrical Engineering 

  • Engineering: Telecommunication Equipment and Software. Networking Equipment and Software
  • Engineering: Biomedical Devices. Photonics 
  • Engineering: Toys

Manufacturing Sector: Chemical Engineering. Materials Engineering.

  • Engineering: Food processing. Food & Beverage
  • Engineering: Agro-processing. Agricultural Machinery & Biotech. Agriculture: Agricultural Training & Supply. Knowledge & Technology Transfer (to Rural farmers). Web Platform as “Middleman”
  • Engineering: Agro-processing: Jute. Cotton
  • Engineering: Chemicals. Materials. Plastics. Ceramics. Cement. Paper. Steel
  • Engineering: Consumer goods
  • Engineering: Petroleum Products. Oil Refinery

Manufacturing Sector: Textile Engineering

  • Textile & Garment Industry: Marketing & Selling. Shipment. International Logistics. Retail. Structural Engineering & Safety. Textile Machinery. Agro-processing: Cotton 

Manufacturing Sector: Biomedical Engineering

  • Engineering: Pharmaceuticals. Biomedical Devices and Electronics. Telemedicine. Biotech and Genetic Engineering

Manufacturing Sector: Civil Engineering

  • Engineering: Structural Engineering & Architectural Consulting
  • Engineering: Construction. Urban Engineering: Water, Electricity, Gas. Tunnels and Bridges. Lighting and Traffic guidance System. Water System. Sea Port, Airport Construction

Service Sector

Service Sector: Information & Communication 

Service Sector: Healthcare

  • Healthcare: Hospitals, Clinics. Medical Tourism.

Service Sector: Education

  • Education: 
    • Educational Institutions. Education Tools (Lab Equipment) and Technologies
    • Educational Platforms:
      • Courses & Forum. E-Book Platform. Problem Solving & Ranklist. Seminar & Competitions
      • Web-based Platform for Private Universities, Medical Colleges, Schools, Industry – Professional Training & Development. E-Library
  • Book Retail. Publishing House: Low Price Editions. Non-fiction Translations. Non-fiction / Educational / Textbooks by Bangladeshi Authors. Journals & Magazines. E-Books; Multimedia; Interactive Contents. Expansions: South Asia; South-east Asia

Service Sector: Transportation

Service Sector: Media

  • Media:
    • TV Channel. Online Radio
    • Online Media: Websites & Mobile Apps
    • Print Media: Magazines, Journals
    • Publishing House: Fiction 

Service Sector: Banking & Finance

  • Bank
  • FinTech – Financial Technology
  • International Money Transfer
  • Venture Capital Firm
  • Investment Banking. Foreign Investment Management. Economic Analysis. Financial Services. Consulting to Financial Institutions

Service Sector: Business Services

  • Export. International Logistics. Retail
  • Management & Technology Consulting. Industrial Engineering. Big Data & Business Intelligence (BI). Enterprise Software
  • Advertising & Marketing: Online, TV, Print
  • E-commerce. B2B E-commerce. Logistics
  • Industrial Design

Service Sector: Hospitality/Tourism

  • Tourism – “Beautiful Bangladesh” 
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Theme Parks & Resorts

Service Sector: Real Estate & Retail

  • Real Estate
  • Retail. Shopping Mall & Supermarket

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