“Consciousness is a Non-physical Quantity”


Consciousness (awareness of “There I am”) is a non-physical quantity, which resides not in our brains, but in our spiritual body. Consciousness interacts with physical brain.

One Proof:

If telepathy proves to be real / exists, is it scientifically explicable or is it a supernatural / spiritual / nonphysical form of communication?

If two people communicate through telepathy in scientifically explicable means, they communicate by sending electromagnetic signals (gravitons are too weak, carriers of nuclear forces short distance). We are yet to find

  • Central “transmitter/receiver” of electromagnetic signals in the brain or
  • Elaborate brain structure to “process received signals”
  • Neither can we find necessary “encoder-decoder” neural circuits
  • Sending/receiving electromagnetic signals at long distances between brains require “Relay stations” which are non-existent

Conclusion: Telepathy is nonphysical/supernatural.

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