Outline of Reform and Development plan in Education Sector (of Bangladesh) 2: Fundamental changes in Education System, Primary and Secondary Education


Fundamental changes in Education System

  • Education is the most important force. There is vast latent power hidden in every human being. Through education, each one can become a huge force by awakening one’s latent power. It is possible to achieve everything in life with knowledge and education. Anyone can to do anything starting at almost any age if tried in the right way – this belief has to be woken up in everyone. If people can wake up, they will not need anything else. Whereas a single person can become a huge force, we would not have to look back, if we can raise this latent potential in 160 million people.
    • Education is not limited to academic institutions only, we can learn from everything around us at each moment of life.
    • Our generation has the highest scope to raise itself compared to any time in history. Modern technological inventions have given us unique discoveries and opportunities – people can now learn anything at any point of time, communicate with anyone, reach out to millions of people, work, and earn money.
  • Budget allocation for education sector will increase.
  • Education Commission will be formed with educationists and experts. On the basis of the commission’s suggestions, with input from students, parents, a radical reform will be brought in every stage of education from primary to higher education.
  • Creative, problem solving based and practical life applicable education system will be introduced.
    • Methods to see the world through knowledge gained from books will be taught.
    • “Learning by doing” will be introduced. This will create a synthesis of book world and real life.
  • Students will learn by using modern Information Technology. They will learn through mutual communication using information technology.
  • From engineers to peasants, the opportunity of “lifelong learning” will be available to all utilizing information technology.


Primary and Secondary Education

  • Modern libraries will be built in each school of the country.
    • Those libraries will be the center of knowledge acquisition and knowledge sharing.
    • Books, computers with high speed internet and necessary equipment will be provided.
    • School libraries will always be open. Students will be able to spend time in the library as long as their hunger for knowledge isn’t satisfied.
  • Changes in the curriculum will be brought about to build up good citizens. Ethics education will be included.
  • Reforms in the method of testing (examination) and assessment system will take place.
  • Students will participate in merit based competitions. A meritorious nation will be developed through various Olympiads, competitions and other initiatives.
    • Students, teenagers, young people will solve problems during their leisure time. Intellectual wisdom will grow. A new culture will prosper. Everyone will be thoughtful, meritorious, intelligent.
    • From national up to the village level, Mathematical Olympiad, culture of science projects will be spread.


Above Article in Bengali: Outline of Reform and Development plan in Education Sector (শিক্ষা খাতে সংস্কার ও উন্নয়ন পরিকল্পনার রূপরেখা)

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