What I worked on today [10.27.19]


What I worked on today

  1. How to write fiction – novels and short stories: Science Fiction short story. Mystery story. Thriller novel. Fantasy short story.
    • Why: Currently, I am working on 2 short stories: 1 Sci fi, 1 Mystery.
  2. Compare and learn: C++, Java, C#, Python, PHP.
      • C++: Looping, Branching, Object oriented features, Boost library
      • Java: Object oriented features, Functional programming features, GUI, Android development
      • C#: Object oriented features, Functional programming features, Other features: LINQ
      • Python: Objects, Class, Functions, Built in Data Structures, Django (Web)
      • PHP: Assignment oriented features (based on C), Dynamic typing, Object oriented features (based on Java), Functional programming features.
    • Why: Software startup
  3. Object oriented Software development. Applications of Functional programming. Component oriented Software development.
    • Why: Software startup, Research area
  4. Aeronautics and Astronautics
    • Why: AeroAstro company, Research area
  5. Mechanical Engineering: Simple machines, mechanisms
    • Why: Mechanical Engineering applications

X Engineering and Technology for Development


ICT for Development:

  1. Business (E-Commerce)
  2. Finance (Mobile Banking, Mobile payment)
  3. Healthcare (Telemedicine, Mobile health)
  4. Education (Example: One Laptop per child / $100 Laptop)
  5. Government services
  6. Information. Digitalization. (Webification, Mapping, Search)
  7. Transportation (Ride hailing services)
  8. Mass collaboration on specific projects (Example: Ushahidi)
  9. Agriculture


AI (Artificial Intelligence) for Development

  1. User interface (Speech recognition)

ECE for Development:

  1. Agriculture
    • IoT Devices

Mechanical Engineering for Development

  1. Energy (Low cost energy production)
  2. Healthcare (Low cost prosthesis)
  3. Transportation (Low cost vehicles)

Chemical Engineering for Development

  1. Clean water
  2. Healthcare (Parasitic control)
  3. Energy

Biomedical Engineering for Development

  1. Healthcare (Low cost diagnostic equipment)

Bioengineering for Development

  1. Agriculture
  2. Fisheries and livestock

Notes on BUET and DU


Proposal for new Departments in BUET:

  1. Aeronautics and Astronautics
  2. Nanoscience and Nanoengineering
  3. Applied Physics and Computational Engineering


University of Dhaka:

Focus on winning the Nobel Prize and other Science Prizes.

Proposal for new Departments in the Faculty of Biological Sciences in University of Dhaka:

  1. Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology => Department of Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology
  2. Department of Neuroscience


To be inventions by Immanuel Tahsin:

  • Digital smart clock
  • Digital Globe (Earth, Map, Planets) (14th century world map, 18th century world map, world encyclopedia) (Apps: recommendation, travel)
  • Digital aquarium
  • Digital Calendar
  • Digital musical instruments (Multiple instruments, control with keyboard)
  • Digital educational tools
    • Digital biology tab (species identification)
  • E-reader (Dual screen, Swapping pages)
  • Digital mirror (makeup helper, Cloth fitting)
  • Streaming radio
  • Handheld air conditioner
  • Smart remote for smart home
  • Touchscreen graphing calculator (multiline display, programming/coding, numerical computing, symbolic computing, imaging – cam, student exam version, augmented keyboard)
  • Smart shoe (steps, distance, calorie, auto-tightening)
  • General knowledge gadget (image, video)
  • Smart light (multi-color, dimmer)
  • Wireless storage / flash drive
  • Virtual reality camera
  • Digital photo and video album (dual screen, writing option, photo/video organizing, vr photo/video viewing, built-in photo editing app, video editing app, photo/video album uphold/download from web, password protected albums, social commenting, tagging)
  • Digital interactive board for design/company decision making
  • Universal translator gadget (built-in micro phone – speech recognition, cam for scanning – OCR, translating)
  • Digital notebook / digital pen (productivity apps, painting apps, search, automatic indexing)

Nations: Work





United States of America and Europe



United States of America


United Kingdom


  • Creation of Technology and Entrepreneurial Hub (Software / IoT / Biotechnology / Machine – Mechanical)

Private / Research:

  • Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering