Qualities of a Great Mind

Qualities of a great mind

  1. Very high intellect
  2. Super emotion and feelings. Loves to study. Loves to work.
  3. Very high creativity
  4. Scientist; Text-bookish. Builds models of the world (derived from textbooks or yet to be included in textbooks)
  5. Naturalist
  6. Wisdom; Leadership
  7. Caring; Loving
  8. Calm
  9. High degree of curiosity (start); Interest; High degree of enthusiasm and passion.
  10. Intuitive. Guided.
  11. Introvert (60%), Extrovert (40%); Equally adept at thinking and social life.
  12. Mathematician
  13. Follows institutions. Order.
  14. Justice. Honesty. Truthfulness.
  15. Religious
  16. Philosophical questions: scientific, religious answers
  17. Earned living
  18. Systems – ontology perspective
  19. Voracious reader of textbooks (80%) and nonfictions (15%).
  20. All knowledge acquired organized in a single ontology / structure.
  21. Logico-mathematical (programmable) mind and emotion.
  22. Happy mind.
  23. Sensitivity. sensual.
  24. Superbrain. Speed of thought.
  25. Inner purity. Pure thoughts.
  26. Comfortable / in love with traditional institutions. Loves to work in traditional institutions.
  27. Works without supervision. Motivation from work. Work as play.
  28. Self motivated
  29. Clarity of Imagination.
  30. Logical inference.
  31. Enjoys studying and working (in selected areas; intellectual / creative type of work) more than watching entertainment and sports.
  32. Remains “in the zone” for twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Characteristics of spirit man:

  1. Very high spiritual power
  2. King of angels
  3. Very high intellect. Creative and smart (Nobel prize winning IQ and IQ of CEO)
  4. Sexually strong
  5. Tall
  6. Great physiology
  7. Birthgiver of gods
  8. Honest and righteous
  9. Loving and kind
  10. Very high level performer
  11. Control over human emotion and feelings
  12. “Healer of the sick”