Neuroscience yet to be Discovered

New classes of neurons:

  • Mirror neuron / mirror neuronal circuit:
    • Mirror activity / behavior neuron
    • Mirror thought neuron
    • Mirror emotional neuron
  • Empathy neuron / neuronal circuit
  • Reinforcement: Reward neuron / neuronal circuit
  • Reinforcement: Pain neuron / neuronal circuit

Brain localization:

  • Generalization center: Behind prefrontal cortex. Layers.
  • Abstraction center: Behind prefrontal cortex
  • Classification center: Behind prefrontal cortex

Function of cells:

  • Glial cells: Clarity and speed of thought

New facts:

  • Neurons and synapses (at any part of the brain) can be used to program thought, emotion and behavior.

New functions of neurotransmitters:

  • Generalization: Dopamine.

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