About TahsinVersion2


Welcome to TahsinVersion2 – a Site that belongs to Syed Tahsin!

Wait … Where does “TahsinVersion2” come from?

The idea TahsinVersion2 is from “Human body version 2.0” in “The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology by Ray Kurzweil. It indicates improvement in all aspects of life (if not exponential, at least linear!).

Tahsin is enthusiastic about learning more and more about himself

(The Greek Maxim “Know thyself” is one of his favorites)

and applying the knowledge to become better at all aspects of life. Tahsin version 2.0 or TahsinVersion2 is the next stable version of Tahsin!

So, what is TahsinVersion2 up to these day?

He’s working towards – WorldVersion2!

And what is that? “WorldVersion2” or “World Version 2.0”?

A World that is far better than the World we live in today!

But that’s kinda Superhero stuff – “making the ‘whole world’ better than where it is today”!

Doesn’t that happen only in Comic Books and Movies – “Superhero fights crime & saves the World”?

Well, for others – becoming a Superhero is a “childhood fantasy”, but for Tahsin – a “realistic possibility”!

What other “Super Features” does TahsinVersion2 have?

Suppose, all Structures on Earth were destroyed –

Engineering Marvels, Scientific Tools, Human Creations,

Institutions & Organizations

– everything,

and all human knowledge lost (all of it, including stored knowledge – Books, Digital Information).

Now, utilizing only his mind (and nothing else),

Tahsin / TahsinVersion2

  • Can build everything there is on Earth from scratch – a whole World and all the Structures on it

Try to imagine: High-rise Buildings & Government Institutions, Particle Accelerators & Theme Parks, Universities and Research Facilities – you name it – and Tahsin can build anything and everything!

  • Recreate the complete Human Knowledge edifice himself (the Sciences, the Engineering, Mathematics, Economics & Medicine – all of it!).

He possesses a mind of such extraordinary capacity!

“TahsinVersion2 can build everything there is on Earth from scratch!”


So, what is he gonna do with that mind?

He’ll build WorldVersion2 – a world that is far better than the world we live in today.


Can you tell me how it feels like … Umm … Creating World Version 2.0?

Have you ever tried the game SimCity?

It’s bit like that.

The Difference: people who play SimCity build a City in the Game world, whereas Tahsin is going to build (and rebuild) City after City in the real World!

Sounds like Tahsin is a would-be Emperor!

See you in World Version 2.o!

[SimCity Official Trailer]

Movements & Missions: Towards World Version 2.0 #KingdomOfGod

1. # Empowerment Of People

2. # Nuclear Weapon Free World

3. # Biological & Chemical Weapon Free World

4. # Building Nations

5. # Democracy For Nations

6. # Free Market Economy For Nations

7. # Empowering The Poor

8. # Youth Empowerment

9. # Social Media For Societal Transformation

10. # High Speed Internet For All

11. # Women Empowerment

12. # Minority Rights

13. # Stop Extremism Led Violence

14. # Say No To Corruption

15. # Stop Organized Crime

16. # Stop Drug Trafficking

Nuclear Weapon Free World: Gradual process.

First: Iran (Elimination of Future Threats).


  • North Korea.
  • India and Pakistan: Bilateral agreements for gradual decrease in Nuclear arsenal.


  • Agreement: United States, UK, France, China, Russia & Israel.

Important Links

– [12.28.14]

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