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“Science Fiction (SF)” To “Reality” – Space Travel: At My Ventures


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“Science Fiction (SF)” To “Reality” – Space Travel: At My Ventures

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Latest From Science & Engineering, Medicine & Innovation [01.26.15]



Digital Car   #DigitalCar

“Musk is the founder of PayPal, CEO of the electric car company Tesla and CEO and Chief Technology Officer of the space company SpaceX.

Musk’s vision of cheap electric power, self-driving cars, peace and prosperity”

Current State Of Science & Technology In Iran

In general, the state of Science & Technology in Iran is Developed.

In fact, if you leave out Israel, the state of Science & Technology in Iran is the most advanced in the Middle East, South Asia & South East Asia Region.

But research is mostly limited to the Public SectorUniversities & Government Facilities.

Apart from Medical Research – that can be easily translated into Medical or Surgical Practices – very little Research is translated to the Private Sector (generating Economic benefits / Wealth).
Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology Industry is exemplary in Translational Research.

Biochemical Research, Nanotechnology Research, Medical Research, Nuclear Research (which must be limited to Nuclear Power Plants and not as another threat to the World), Aerospace Research, Robotics, Microprocessor Manufacturing, Super-Computers

– Iranians are doing advanced research, but only in the Public Sector.

What seem most promising –

  • Iranians are talented and
  • Research facilities seem to be in place.

To become an Economic Powerhouse, Iran needs High Technology Companies – which – its state of research indicates – it is capable of – although yet to materialize.

I am willing to provide guidance for:

Development of High Tech Industries in Iran.

If Iran is only the 9th country to put domestic-built Satellite into Orbit [Public Sector], why can’t an Iranian Firm build a Commercial Aircraft [Private Sector]?

Different body of Expertise (& Outlook), Institutional Structures & Policies are required for

Development of Research & Engineering Based High Tech Industries [Translational Research – turning research into Market Products] :


  • e.g., Knowledge of International Market.


  • Research is not just about publishing Papers and dreaming of the glory of winning Prizes & Awards! Translating Research into Industrial Products and making your country wealthier is equal in “glory”!
    • Required Outlook: How do I incorporate my research into an Industrial Product?

Institutional Structures

  • Venture Capital Firms and other Financial Institutions that are bold enough to invest in Companies that bring “research – generated products” to Markets.
    • In many Developing Nations, where there aren’t many High Technology Firms and not a lot of success stories, Investors struggle to believe in success of such Firms.


  • e.g., Policies that encourage Entrepreneurship


Israel is a very good example of a country that has mastered the art of turning “Research” into “High Tech Industries”.

Iran can, and should learn from Israel.

Here is a nice book to start with:

Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle by Dan Senor, Saul Singer [Amazon]


I, myself, is very excited about winning Prizes, Awards, Honors! But what excites me equally is putting my knowledge of Sciences to practice.

Here are a few of my Articles:


Britain In Realization [12.17.14] : Engineering In Britain


Engineering In Britain

Engineering Education

“The Science Museum is hosting a new engineering exhibition –  aimed at 11-15 year olds opened today and will run for the next three years. Engineer Your Future features a variety of objects and interactive games and was described by a museum spokesperson as “an exhibition about careers that doesn’t feel about careers”.

The exhibition includes a game to design a Mars rover, a 3D printed city onto which a game is projected and challenges to deliver luggage in an airport and run trains on time … advice also available about how to pursue a career in engineering or take up further studies.”

Large Scale Engineering

BBC Theme Park

“The new elevator technology, nicknamed Multi, can go sideways as well as up and down and will begin testing in 2016.
The innovative new elevator uses magnetic levitation (maglev) technology”

Engineering Prizes, Awards, Honors

Tim Berners Lee, Louis Pouzin, Robert Kahn,Vint Cerf and Marc Andreessen have been awarded the first Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering in recognition of their work on the internet and the web.”

Computer Reimagined [Architecture; UI; Materials]

“By 2008, Hawking’s hand was too weak to use the clicker. 

… “cheek switch”. Attached to his glasses, it could detect, via a low infrared beam, when Hawking tensed his cheek muscle. 

By 2011, he managed only about one or two words per minute

designed by Words Plus. It provided him with a keyboard on the screen and a basic word-prediction algorithm. A cursor automatically scanned across the keyboard by row or by column and he could select a character by moving his cheek to stop the cursor.

Hawking now uses an adaptive word predictor from London startup SwiftKey which allows him to select a word after typing a letter, whereas Hawking’s previous system required him to navigate to the bottom of his user interface and select a word from a list.
But He was used to predicting his own word predictor.” 

The new version of Hawking’s user interface includes contextual menus that provide Hawking with various shortcuts to speak, search or email

“The idea is to have a camera pointed at Stephen’s face to pick up not just his cheek movements but other facial movements,” says Wood. “He could move his jaw sideways, up and down, and drive a mouse and even potentially drive his wheelchair.

a joystick that attaches to Hawking’s chin and allows him to navigate his wheelchair independently.”

[I wish I could engineer a better and more suitable User Interface for Dr. Stephen Hawking.]

DIY / Lego / “Automata Set”


Virtual Reality

Digital Manufacturing

Smart Car

Physical Digital Computing /
Internet of Things

“A £1 million government pot has been awarded to seven startups working on internet of things projects to help solve problems facing UK businesses.

Winners include a company working on sensors for digital farms, a compact air quality monitoring system and a project using data to make cycling safer in towns and cities. The seven companies are all based in either London or Cambridge and will share the £1m grant provided by the government-funded Innovate UK programme.”


Academia – Industry Collaboration

The new UCL East campus will focus on technology and engineering

“University College London (UCL) is to build a huge campus on the Olympic Park in a bid to inspire research in technology and engineering.

… the university says it will forge “new connections” between researchers and businesses while creating a space for “radical innovation, new insights and new industries” in the UK.”

[Next: A “Silicon Valley” – “kind of” Tech & Entrepreneurial Hub – somewhere near London!]

High Speed Internet for All


“the company is taking a novel approach towards overcoming the usual need for cables. It is doing this by wirelessly connecting small mobile antennas to suitable macro sites.

The technology has already been tested in the village of Sebergham in Cumbria. All 129 households and small businesses within the village can now receive data and voice connectivity thanks to just three meshed antennas that have been installed across the town.”

BioEngineering & Translational Medicine

“The £125 spit test kit is not a diagnostic test, but instead identifies genes that are associated with inherited conditions including cystic fibrosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and sickle cell anaemia.” 


Smart City

City of Dundee

“The title recognises the design innovations Dundee has contributed to the world, including aspirin, biomedical research which has led to hundreds of new cancer drugs, comics including the Beano and Dandy, orange marmalade, and video games including Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto. 

The city’s waterfront is also undergoing a 30-year, £1bn regeneration project including the V&A Dundee museum of design.”

“In order to kick-start its smart-city programme, the government ran a competition last year and the winner, Glasgow, was given £24m to spend on smart technologies.

Some of the money (in Glasgow) may go on using big data … energy efficiency … solve crime …  intelligent lighting” 


Bristol won the £3m runner-up prize 

Bristol plans, to open up a wealth of government data that can be turned into useful apps and services.”

City of Bristol

Engineering & Scientific Innovations: At My Ventures

Engineering & Scientific Innovations: At My Ventures

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Robotics
  3. Smart Home
  4. Smart City
  5. Physical Digital Retail
  6. Digital Finance
  7. Digital Sports & Sports Science
  8. Education: Institutions, Platforms & Tools. Leadership & Consulting.
  9. Media & Publishing
  10. Software: Web / Mobile / Cloud Platform
  11. Smart Security
  12. Next Generation Computers
  13. Augmented Reality – Virtual Reality
  14. Wearables
  15. Enterprise Physical Digital Computing
  16. Digital Manufacturing
  17. Manufacturing [Materials]
  18. Research & Engineering (R&E) Consulting. Management Consulting.
  19. Smart Connected Products
  20. BioEngineering and Translational Medicine
  21. Energy & Power
  22. Construction & Architecture
  23. Theme Park Development
  24. Defense Tech
  25. Aerospace
  26. Transportation Systems & Vehicles 
  27. Agricultural Machinery & Digital Agriculture
  28. Academia => Industry

Digital Manufacturing: At My Ventures

  • Manufacturing Cloud
  • 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing
  • Automation & (Adaptable) Robots
  • Establishing Advanced Manufacturing Facilities for Firms.

Youtube Playlist (Compiled by Me): Digital Manufacturing

What happens when you employ Digital Technologies to Manufacturing?

Amazing things become possible! Discover for yourself!

Manufacturing [Materials]: At My Ventures

  • Computational Materials Design
  • Combinatorial Chemistry
  • Nanoengineered Materials
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Polymer Science; Biochemistry; Molecular Biology [Structure => Function]

Smart Home: At My Ventures

  • Cleaner Robots
  • Smart Cooker (Able to Follow step by step recipe)
  • Smart Babycare Sleeping Bed
  • Smart Refrigerator
  • Robot Mower
  • Customizable Home

Youtube Playlist (Compiled by me): Smart Home

Smart City: At My Ventures

  • Smart Infrastructure & Smart Utility (Electricity, Water etc.) [Efficiency. Maintenance]
  • Smart connected “Systems” [e.g., Smoke sensors in buildings connected to the Fire department]
  • Smart management of City “Resources” (Traffic, Parking, etc.)
  • Natural Disaster prediction (& control), Disease outbreak prediction
  • Green Technologies; Sustainable Energy
  • High Tech Law Enforcement (with full respect to Citizens’ Privacy).

Youtube Playlist (Compiled by me): Smart City

Digital Sports & Sports Science

Youtube Playlist (Compiled by me): Digital Sports & Sports Science

Energy & Power : At My Ventures

  • Renewables [Solar, Wind – Materials Innovation, Smart Control, Distributed]
  • Nuclear
  • Fuel Efficiency Add-ons.
  • Smart Grid (Sensors, IoT).
  • Smart Transformer.
  • Distributed / Decentralized Electricity Grid.
  • Green Technologies
  • Battery Technology.

Physical Digital Retail : At My Ventures

Digital Finance

Next Generation Computers

  • New Materials.
  • New Architectures.
  • New UI. [Example: Humanistic User Interface (HUI)]


Augmented Reality – Virtual Reality

Enterprise Physical Digital Computing

  • Efficient Supply Chain Management (SCM) with Sensors and Data
  • Smart Vending Machine

Research & Engineering (R&E) Consulting. Management Consulting.

  • Research, Engineering & Consultancy Center in each of the 50 US States. [Long term plan: Gradually expand to all the nations (From Britain & China to India, Iran & Indonesia) on Earth.]
  • Link: Government Services [TahsinVersion2]
  • Enterprise Software. Big Data 2.0.
  • Internet Of Things (IoT) Consulting. Physical Digital Computing Consulting.

Construction & Architecture: At My Ventures

  • Airport
  • Sea Port

Theme Park Development: At My Ventures


Remember “Jurassic Park”? Ever dreamed of living among huge Dinosaurs? Want to live in “19th Century Britain”?

  • I shall develop “Theme Parks” – that hold “Models of life” during different Historic and Pre-historic Times. You go to those “Theme Parks” and “live the life” for a few days.
  • “Pre-historic Life” Park [Remember “Jurassic Park”? Ever dreamed of living among huge Dinosaurs?]
  • “Historic” Park: You go to a Park and live in, say, “19th Century Britain” for a few days with others; eating food of those times, wearing clothes of those times, and maybe hunting and farming a bit too!


Smart Connected Products

  • Industrial Internet
  • “Wearables”

Artificial Intelligence: At My Ventures

Link: Artificial Intelligence: Platforms & Apps – Product & Service Innovation At My Ventures [TahsinVersion2.com]

  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Platform [=> 3rd Party Applications & Services on top of the Platform]
  • The “Intelligence” behind Smart, Connected Products
  • “Personal Agent” [that acts as an interface to the World around you]

Youtube Playlist (Compiled by me): Artificial Intelligence Platform

Robotics: At My Ventures

  • Knowledge Based Robots. Expert Robots.
  • Augmented Robots
  • Surgical Robots
  • Industrial / Manufacturing Robots.
  • Construction Robots.
  • Service Robots

BioEngineering and Translational Medicine: At My Ventures

  • Scientific, Engineering, Medical Equipment
  • Healthcare IT
  • Gene Sequencing
  • Medical Devices
  • Prosthetics, Tissue Engineering / Regenerative Medicine

Defense Tech

  • Robots (Human soldiers gradually being replaced by Robots; just as fighter planes by drones; less possibility of injury to humans)
  • “Iron Man” Suit
  • [Injured] Prosthetics -> (research) -> Tissue Engineering / Regenerative Medicine
  • Psychiatric / Neurological Services
  • Security & Safety : Biological weapons, Chemical weapons, Nuclear weapons, Cyber Attacks.

Education: Institutions, Platforms & Tools. Leadership & Consulting.

Platforms & Services

Textbooks (Plus Digital Interactive Versions)

  • Most authoritative and up to date work (continuously updated) on every topic, every area and sub-area of Science & Engineering, Economics & Business [Me with co-authors].

New DIY Platforms for Schools, Colleges  (and community around that Platform. Example: “Maker” Community.)

3D Printing Platforms for Schools, Colleges

New Builder / “Automata Set” / “Automata Platform” for kids


  • Microsoft Book [Device]
  • Games / Programming: Kodu; Minecraft; Spark

“Book 2.0 / Smart Book” Platform

Programming Platform


Media & Publishing: At My Ventures

  • News & Analysis Site; Magazine. Digital Publishing Platform.
    • Politics. Science & Engineering, Medicine & Innovation. Business & Economy [An outgrowth of TahsinVersion2]
  • Smart Book (Gadget); Smart Book (& Magazine) Platform; Apps; Educational Games; Interactive Contents.
  • “Creative Expression” Platform:
    • Self-publishing; Video; App-Development and sharing Platform (with no-coding requirements).
  • Social Network
    • Focused on bringing about meaningful changes to the world.
  • Advertisement Platform (& Business).
  • Advising / Consultancy to News / Magazines / Media Firms

Youtube Playlist (Compiled by me): Smart Book & Digital Publishing : E-Readers & E-Reading Re-Designed From The Ground Up


Aerospace: At My Ventures

  • Commercial Aircraft
  • Helicopter
  • UAV; Drones
  • Satellite

Transportation Systems & Vehicles: At My Ventures

  • Smart Car [Autonomous / Semi-autonomous; Hybrid / Electric; Connected]
  • Intelligent Highway
  • High Speed Rail

Software: Web / Mobile / Cloud Platform

  • CAD. CAM. Scientific / Statistical Computing. Big Data Processing
  • Cyber-Security Software & Consultancy.
  • Book 2.0 Platform
  • Personal Health Platform
  • “Creative Expression Platform”. Examples include
    • Self-publishing Book Industry
    • Youtube
    • Scratch, etc.

Smart Security

  • Bio-metric Identification

Agricultural Machinery & Digital Agriculture: At My Ventures

  • Farming Drone.
  • Autonomous Tractors.
  • Physical Digital Irrigation (System comprising : IoT, Sensors, Actuators).

Academia => Industry 

Idea => Products

Lots of half baked
  • Scientific Innovations,
  • Technological Patents,
  • Ideas,

in Academia (10%, 20% completed)

-> turned into finished Industrial Products  & Services (100%).



I shall have Local Offices of my “Ventures” in all of the 200+ Nations on Earth.

Everyone with responsible positions at nearby Churches can work closely with people working at my Ventures (on projects like Community Organizing, etc.). #RomanCatholicChurch

Plans For Google [1]


Scala on Dalvik Virtual Machine

Promotion of Educational Apps, Games on Google Play Store

  • Incentivize Developers to develop more Educational Apps, Games by – promoting Educational Apps, Games on Google Play Store. (“Best New Educational Apps, Games”, etc.)
  • Similar: “Best New Apps for Social / Humanitarian causes”)
  • [This is patentable.]
Google Glass
  • Redesign of Google glass – one of my first project in Google. [Hardware + Platform]
Project Ara (ATAP)
  • Design of the first modular Smart-phone in the world.
Project Tango (ATAP)
  • Integration into products.
Boston Dynamics & other Robotics Companies
  • Oversee developments.

Scientific Approach To Engineering

Scientific Approach To Engineering

I have never taken a single course in Aerospace Engineering.
But I am capable of single-handedly building a passenger Aircraft as big as Boeing and more advanced than anything the world has ever seen.
Moreover, building an Aircraft is simple for me.
How is it possible?
For me, building an Aircraft is utilizing “a few” basic laws of Physics and “a few” fundamental principles of Chemistry (Materials for Aircraft).
For Aerospace Engineers, building an Aircraft is complex and, surely out of reach for any single individual Engineer.
  • Because the Aerospace Engineer learns about “Jet Engines” and loses himself in details. (He doesn’t see that only a few basic Principles of Physics and Chemistry govern the design of a Jet Engine.) 


  • The Aerospace Engineer learns to calculate the wind pressure required to keep the Aircraft flying – and loses himself in details – on the size and speed. (He doesn’t see that a few basic Laws of Physics and Chemistry is enough to calculate and design the wings of an Aircraft and the amount of pressure required to support the weight of the Aircraft.)
  • The modern control system (built out of complex Software) that a modern Pilot uses to guide himself while running a plane – is out of reach of any single Aerospace Engineer. For me – designing and building the Software is simple.
This is how “being the best Scientist makes me the best Engineer”.
In brief:  
Physics and Chemistry – simplifies the world with a few basic principles (these are the laws of nature, the ultimate possibilites). If you learn those principles and you have enough imagination – you can build anything you can think of – from Passenger Aircraft and Satellite to High Speed Rail and Electric Car.

Scientific Approach To Engineering
Learning the ultimate possibilities through Science and building the ultimate Engineering Machines
I am more of a scientist – a Theory / Model Builder. And that makes me the best Engineer.
Whenever I try to learn something, I learn everything that can ever be learned about the subject – even knowledge that is yet to be discovered (of course by thinking, because everything that can ever be learned about a subject” is not yet documented anywhere in an organized way). 

So, when I am learning Robotics

I organize – everything that can ever be learned about Robotics – from the perspective of Physics and Computer Science (by thinking).

Physics defines the rules that the world follows – you can’t go beyond those rules. So to understand the ultimate Physical possibilities of Robotics – you have to think from the perspective of Physics.
I build the ultimate “Model”s of the world.

Researchers work on building better“Model”s of parts of the world, try to “improve upon”current devices. So a researcher working on – say, Optogenetics, asks specific and limited questions – 

what other protein respond to light? 
What other wavelength of light can we use to control neurons?

While, I ask general questions (the ultimate possibilities)– 

What are the ways we can “control” neurons? Shining light from outside and building sensors (out of protein) that respond on neurons is one way.

How far can we go with Optogenetics? Creating a Magnetic Field is another way to control parts of the brain.

This is my approach – I try to learn everything that can ever be learned – because Science sets the ultimate possibilities

That’s how being the Best Scientist makes me the Best Engineer.

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Physical Digital Computing

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  15. Physical Digital Interaction / Experience / Product Designer
  16. Personal Notes On Exponential Technologies [Unofficial]
  17. Personal Notes On Physical Digital Computing – 1 [Unofficial]



Manhattan Scale Research” in BioSciences, Translational Medicine and BioEngineering

I’ll soon start “Manhattan Scale Research” Project in Medicine and BioEngineering – that will define the frontiers of Healthcare, Medicine and related fields – like Environment, Energy (Fuel; Photosynthesis inspired Solar Cells?) & Sustainability, Agriculture.

  • Cancer, Ebola, Parkinson’s, AIDS, Alzheimer’s,
  • Disabilities and losses (Eyesight loss; Limb Amputee, etc. <- Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine. We can replace with Mechanical / Physical parts as long as we our Stem Cell / Regenerative Medicine Tech is not advanced enough – but remember – Biology – is the ultimate technology.
My Guiding Principle: 
Restore the Normal
(as opposed to the “Artificial” – Mechanical devices or Pills or Drugs)
– possibly through:
  • Stem Cell / Regenerative Medicine
  • Gene Therapy.
As long as we can’t make headway in “Stem Cell – Gene Therapy”,
we can do away with “Drugs and Devices” (“Artificial” means),

but the ultimate future of Medicine lies in Biology.

Excited about the CRISPR DNA-editing technique? or Stem Cell Therapy? You are on the right track! Because that’s the future!
My Plan is to build
  • Medical / Scientific / Engineering Equipments (that would be required in my own research) and
  • Sell and use the profit to fund my research / further work.
So only limited funding would be required in the first phase – and from that point on self – funding / reinvesting.
Equipments would require continuous innovations and improvements. For example,
  • Gene Sequencers (Bringing down the cost of Gene sequencing of a single Genome to several hundred dollars or maybe $100.)
  • Robots that automate much of Experimental work. [Consider: Combinatorial Chemistry – parallel reactions]
Another line of products (lots of innovations)
  • Medical / Surgical Equipments (from smaller Ultra-Sounds to “Da Vinci”-like Surgical Robots)
  • Healthcare IT Infrastructure and Services (to Hospitals, Clinics) – Examples:
    • Sensors that measure Body parameters and store data in Database / Cloud <- Big Data 2.0 on Data;
    • Watson-like AI on Medical Literature (e.g., Pubmed) to augment Medical Researchers and Physicians


A few 

BioEngineering / BioMedical Engineering / Molecular Biology / Cell Biology / BioChemistry / BioPhysics / BioInformatics / Computational Biology PhDs

– each concentrating on a particular part – under my supervision:

  • One researcher concentrating on Transport system of Cells – 2013 Nobel Physiology or Medicine Prize Work (Collaborating with other researchers focused on other Cellular organelles or Extra-cellular Matrix)
  • Another researcher concentrating on Spatial Representations and Motor Planning in the Brain – 2014 Nobel Physiology or Medicine Prize Work
  • Couple working on how to repair / replace Damaged Organs with Tissue / Organs grown from Stem Cells – carrying on the 2012 Nobel Physiology or Medicine Prize Work
– I’ll teach, guide and help them grow.
[Areas mentioned above are – studying the “Natural” – life as it is.]
Policy Reform:
I will review and modernizethe FDA (Drug, Medical Device) appoval process.
Going through a process that takes 10 years and costs Billion Dollars – after inventing a drug [and device] – to bring it to market – kills off many promising drugs.
[This is how having access to everything – will enable me to bring about Revolutionary Changes. No company could think of modernizing FDA approval process – however bad they wanted it.]
Other “Manhattan Scale” Projects / Innovations:


Education Platform
  • Huge! Reinvention of Education. Changes the way Education is delivered, the way how people learn in each and every country of the World. [Microsoft?]
  • E-Book 2.0 / E-Magazine 2.0 / E-Newspaper 2.0 & Digital Publishing

Artificial Intelligence Platform
    • Watson-like Natural Language Understanding + A Lot More 
  • Less computational resource requirement; Highly developed Knowledge Processing / Reasoning 
  • Apps and Services on Top of the Platform

Cloud Manufacturing Platform + Physical Digital Computing Division
    • This is where the Medical / Surgical / Scientific Equipments would be manufactured. 
  • + Manufacturing Equipments and Services for Companies 
  • Materials / Nano / Applied Physics / Engineering Research

Knowledge Based Robotics
    • Imagine: Robot Engineers repairing your Car.
  • Robots in Industry. Home. Healthcare. Service Robots.

Computer Reimagined [Computer Architecture; Processor; Hardware; Novel Material, UI]




Latest From Science, Engineering, Medicine & Innovation [11.12.14]

“Stacey Burr
Vice president, wearable sports electronics, adidas
Physiology and activity sensors will enable volumes of data to be collected from athletes unobtrusively. Predictive analytics will be delivered through alerts, enabling coaches to respond in real time to performance shifts or injury risks. When injuries occur, sensors will inform rehabilitation strategies. These insights will enable coaches to be more precise in their training methods and athletes to sustain peak performance over time.”
John Coulson
Head of professional football services, Opta
“The biggest advancement will be the acceptance and integration of qualified data scientists into a team’s back-room staff. This Moneyball approach will continue to change football as it has changed many sports.”



“Microsoft has patched a critical bug in its software that had existed for 19 years.
The bug had been present in every version of Windows since 95, IBM said.
Attackers could exploit the bug to remotely control a PC, and so users are being urged to download updates.”

Latest From Science, Technology And Medicine [11.11.14]




Materials Science


“The Lumia 535 will be available later this month in China, Hong Kong, and Bangladesh, starting at €110 (about $135).”