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US Armed Forces


#Equal Dignity For All

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US Foreign Policy: Eastern Europe

“U.S. and Ukrainian officials are making plans to expand the training of Ukrainian military forces at a training base in the western part of the country.

General Ray Odierno, the U.S. Army Chief of Staff, said it was clear the Ukrainian government wanted U.S. to expand its training.

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General Ray Odierno asked one Ukrainian medic if he was going to be a doctor one day.

“No,” the Ukrainian officer responded. “I am going to be infantry.”

“It is the same thing,” General Odierno quipped.

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International Aid

“About 100 US marines, two helicopters and four Ospreys capable of vertical take-off are now in Kathmandu.” 

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Foreign Policy: US Defense

  • US Commandos Span the Globe [Wall Street Journal] #USDefense #BuildingNations #BangladeshArmy #BangladeshAirForce #BangladeshNavy 

“Over the past year, special-operations forces have landed in 81 countries.

As part of the plan to shrink U.S. reliance on traditional warfare, US is piecing together a web of alliances from South Asia to the Sahel.”



Foreign Policy: US – Japan Relations

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

“Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Tokyo and Washington are near an agreement on a major Pacific free-trade pact, a deal that would help advance America’s economic agenda and tighten ties between the two allies”


Education: Empowering The Poor

“Intensive counseling services aim to help youths whose parents didn’t go to school navigate process”