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International Relations – Foreign Policy – Diplomacy
US – China

“The success of Mr. Obama’s Asia policy hinges on several areas his aides say he will focus on next week: achieving the trade agreement known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP; crafting a fresh blueprint for U.S.-China relations; ensuring the democratic endurance of Myanmar; and funding an American military footprint in the region that differs from when Mr. Obama took office.

A new era of strengthened US – China relations is on the horizon.
I am sure both President Barack Obama and President Xi Jinping both look forward to that future.


US – Russia

“Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry agree at talks in Beijing to exchange information about situation on Russia-Ukraine border.

Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov has welcomed US involvement in resolving the Ukraine crisis, saying it would be a “step in the right direction,” in comments that appear to reflect a toning down in bilateral tension that has been at its worst since the end of the Cold War.
Lavrov’s remarks came after a meeting in Beijing with John Kerry, his US counterpart, and precede high-level meetings scheduled to take place between President Vladimir Putin and world leaders at an Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) summit in China, and a Group of 20 summit in Australia, next week.”

U.S.: A ‘Rising Star’ Of Global Manufacturing

“A new ranking of the competitiveness of the world’s top 25 exporting countries says the United States is once again a “rising star” of global manufacturing thanks to falling domestic natural gas prices, rising worker productivity and a lack of upward wage pressure.

The report, released on Friday by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG,) found that while China remains the world’s No. 1 country in terms of manufacturing competitiveness, its position is “under pressure” as a result of rising labor and transportation costs and lagging productivity growth.

The United States, meanwhile, which has lost nearly 7.5 million industrial jobs since employment in the sector peaked in 1979 as manufacturers shipped production to low-cost countries, is now No. 2 in terms of overall competitiveness, BCG said.

The biggest factor driving the U.S. rebound, according to BCG: cheap natural gas prices, which have tumbled 50 percent over the last decade as a result of the shale gas revolution.

Also contributing to the country’s attractiveness, according to BCG, is “stable wage growth” – a euphemism for the fact that, in inflation-adjusted terms, industrial wages here are lower today than they were in the 1960s even though worker productivity has doubled over the same period of time.

“Overall costs in the U.S.,” the report’s authors write, “are 10 to 25 percent lower than those of the world’s ten leading goods-exporting nations other than China” and on par with Eastern Europe. [1]

Here is BCG’s ranking of the world’s Top 10 countries in terms of manufacturing competitiveness:

1. China

2. United States

3. South Korea

4. United Kingdom

5. Japan

6. Netherlands

7. Germany

8. Italy

9. Belgium

10. France

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Planning For An America That Lives Up To Dreams Of Its People

Planning For An America That Lives Up To Dreams Of Its People

  • American Energy 
    • Oil and Gas Boom [1] +
    • Fuel Efficiency Addon For Cars (Energy Savings) +
    • Internet Of Things At Home (Energy Savings)
    • Improvements in Renewable Energy Technologies
  • American Manufacturing [1]
    • Cloud Manufacturing [2] 
      • “Made in USA” Revolution!
      • America becomes a manufacturing super-power!
      • America revolutionizes the world by manufacturing Physical Digital Systems. [3] [4] [5]
    • Reduction in Unemployment. 
  • American Education
    • Better Education System [1]
    • Education Platform [2]
  • American Healthcare [2]
    • Redesigning American Healthcare [1] 
  • American R&D
    • Research Platform [1]
      • More fruitful Research
    • Interdisciplinary Research [2]
      • Cross pollination of ideas.
  • American Law & Order
    • Dramatic Improvement. Dramatic drop in crime rate.
      • Introduction of Advanced Technologies.
      • Change in Society.
  • America in World Stage
    • America leads in every sector.
    • America – A force for good. [1]
  • American States
    • Plan for each and every of America’s States. 
    • Smart Cities.
  • American Dream
    • The only country in the world where if you work hard, no matter where you came from and where you are now, you can turn your dreams into reality! 


American Energy
American Manufacturing
American Education

American Healthcare

American R&D

America in World Stage
American Immigration Laws

Oil And Gas Boom In America

“The U.S. oil boom has put European refineries out of business and undercut West African crude suppliers. Now domestic drillers threaten to roil Asian markets and challenge producers in the Middle East and South America.

Fifteen European refineries have closed in the past five years, with a 16th due to shut this year, the International Energy Agency said, as the U.S. went from depending on fuel from Europe to being a major exporter to the region. Nigeria, which used to send the equivalent of a dozen supertankers of crude a month to the U.S., now ships fewer than three, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. And cheap oil from the Rocky Mountains, where output has grown 31 percent since 2011, will soon allow West Coast companies to cut back on imports of pricier grades from Saudi Arabia and Venezuela that they process for customers in Asia, the world’s fastest-growing market.

With U.S. exports of gasoline and other refined products hitting a record last month and the country on pace to become the world’s largest oil producer by 2015, five years faster than the IEA’s earlier predictions, industry advocates such as Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska are calling for an end to 39-year-old restrictions on U.S. crude exports.

In a measure of just how quickly the oil market has changed, President Barack Obama unveiled in March 2011 a goal considered so outrageous that correspondent Christopher Mims wrote on the environmental news website Grist that it could be accomplished only by “an economic crash bigger than any ever seen in U.S. history, or perhaps an alien race forcing all of us to take to our bicycles.” Obama said that by 2025 the U.S. would cut crude imports by one-third.

It didn’t take 14 years. It took less than three.

American Energy

Possible Foreign Policy For America In The Middle East


  • No support for Sunni extremists. [1]
  • Encourage Iran to stop support for Shiite extremists.
  • Peace talks / Negotiations – An interim neutral “Caretaker Government” holding elections. [2]
  • Threat of international court – Crime against humanity.


Saudi Arabia  
  • Relies on America for consolidating its dominance in the Middle East. 
  • Message to the Saudis – It’s not necessary to crush your opponent for regional dominance. Better – bolster your own economy.



  • Why can’t the West form close ties with Iran (with Nuclear deals)? 


  • Above all, mass killings, etc. of Muslim brotherhood supporters has to be stopped immediately. 

Encourage both Iran and Saudi Arabia to bolster their economies – more economic interdependence, more commerce with America with benefit to both.


  • Our increasing Energy independence.
  • Circumstances in Russia-Ukraine.



Notes on Foreign policy

Consider both

  • what is beneficial to you
  • what is beneficial to the country you are considering (view from their perspective)


If it’s non-zero sum, you can make them work with you so that it’s beneficial to both.

Both sides involved in a relationship feel comfortable when each has interests for which it knows that the other depends on it.
US – Saudi relationship (since 1945)

An Interim Neutral Government holding Elections Can Lead to Peaceful Resolution of Conflict In Syria

An Interim Neutral Government holding Elections Can Lead to Peaceful Resolution of Conflict In Syria 

[Published: 01.24.14]

In Syria, People belonging to “rebels” groups who have lost family members in the civil war, are not ready to accept Bashar Al-Assad as President.

There are talks going on at the moment organized by UN for transition of power to a transitional government.

The Syrian regime has no intentions for handing over power. We have observed support for Bashar Al-Assad’s government from both Iran and Russia.

More than 110,000 people have lost their lives. What is the point of adding more to that?

Syrian land has become a fertile ground for growth of opposing groups of militants and extremists.

Our carefree attitude might make us pay price in the longer term.

Democracy has to be restored. People should be given the right to choose their own leaders and representatives and it’s the responsibility of leaders to win people’s hearts.

United States can propose for a caretaker government to hold a free and fair election and hand over power to the winning political party.

In Bangladesh, we have experience of Interim Neutral Caretaker Government successfully holding free and fair elections in the years 1996, 2001 and 2008. An advisory council led by the last retired Chief Justice of the Supreme Court rules the country for three months and holds elections before an elected government takes over power in Bangladesh.

The Interim Neutral Caretaker Government could be such that

  • The chief of the caretaker government is acceptable to all parties involved.
  • Military and arms support from outside countries are stopped immediately. 
  • The caretaker government shows zero tolerance to extremists and militias, no matter what ideology they represent.
  • The situation in Syria returns at least close to normal. Initiatives are taken to bring back all the refugees back to Syria. The refugee situation is causing disastrous effects in the Middle East. Humanitarian efforts are undertaken.
  • A definite time period is determined during which the Caretaker Government rules. Before the time period ends, a free, fair, credible and internationally acceptable election is held.

Iran and Russia can make sure the Syrian regime accepts the proposal.

Tolerance for the sake of humanity is expected from Leaders.

Influence & Impact: [As of 04.09.15]

The proposed Model was adopted by Hamas and Fatah to form an Interim Government for West Bank and Gaza Region in 2014 and led to a historic union between Hamas and Fatah.



Could Manufacturing Be The Key To American Lead In Global Economy?

The American Economy has been the largest economy in the world for almost 100 years [1].

But now, the Chinese Economy [2] is very close to the American Economy in terms of size. If the current growth rate continues then the Chinese Economy should surpass American Economy in terms of size within a few years.

How does America keep its position as the largest economy in the world?

Manufacturing could prove vital. 

Manufacturers, miners, utilities and builders accounted for over 45% of China’s GDP in 2012. As the cost of doing manufacturing in China rises and with the advent of new technologies, American companies are thinking of returning manufacturing plants back to America. Some companies including Apple have already taken initiatives.

The return of manufacturing back to the hands of Designers and Engineers could spur innovation


Healthcare Reform

The initiative to make sure more people get health-care insurance coverage – the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as the Obama-care, should be seen as positive. 

Ensuring health-care of citizens is a duty of the government. Who else will come forward to take the responsibility of ensuring healthcare of citizens who need it most?

But why do we have so little enrollment? One reason is surely the failure of the website to respond. With the best and brightest Software Engineers in our country, it can’t be a big problem.

Are there other reasons? It’s a new system all together. Is the website too difficult to navigate and use, especially to the people (who are economically lagging and thus technologically lagging) for whom the whole reform is targeted? Why don’t we educate people on how to use the site? We can extend the time of getting insured in the marketplace and let people spend more time to familiarize themselves with the new system.

We can make necessary changes so that those who want to keep their previous insurances can do so.

It’s a new system – we have to solve problems as we face them along the way.

In the meantime, we can come up with creative solutions that solve problems our health-care system face, solutions that minimize costs but are still more effective and reach more people. American Healthcare System is under-performing and a lot more expensive compared to other developed countries.

Why not prioritize disease prevention programs and motivational programs that encourage healthy lifestyle choices so that we have less sick people to start with? Obesity and poor lifestyle choices are surely among causes of diseases. Less sick people translates into less visits to doctors and less visits to doctors translate into less health insurance prices. If health insurance prices go down, more people would have health insurances.

Let’s try to understand it through an example.

Suppose, visits to doctor cost a person say, “A” $100 a month and another person say, “B” $50 a month. Now, the insurance company that sells healthcare insurances to “A” and “B”, sells each of the monthly insurances for $80. So, “A” and “B” together spend $80 + $80 = $160 to buy their insurances and the insurance company has to spend $100 + $50 = $150 to bear the cost of visits to doctor. Now, suppose “A” and “B” learned to take better care of their health. As a result, they have monthly healthcare costs of $60 and $40 respectively. Now, the insurance company has no way but to reduce their insurance fees. Thus, by taking better care of their health, “A” and “B” forced the insurance companies to reduce prices for insurance.

There can be so many different solutions to different inter-related problems if only we are wise enough to “define” the “problem” we want to solve creatively!

Iran – Western Relation: Win-win, Positive-Sum Outcome?

[December 26, 2013]

#TowardsWorldPeace  #TowardsNuclearWeaponFreeWorld

The deal between P5 + 1 and Iran should prove to be revolutionary.

Years of opposition and suspicion from both sides. 

A lot of conflicts arise between people who have closed dependent minds. They divide the world into black and white, right and wrong with nothing in between. They view their way as the only right one and others’ as wrong ones. They never try to be themselves, instead following the path others have shown them without much consideration or reflection.

People in general categorize everything they see around them into different predefined categories. It helps them make quick decisions because they know what to do with a certain category.

But how can we be so sure that the categories and the knowledge associated with each category, that our society and culture has taught us, is correct? Why not think for ourselves?

Just because your co-workers or friends taught you that an Idea or Concept, say “A”, is bad, does not necessarily make “A” bad. It’s your duty to think earnestly – with your own judgement and find out the true nature of the Concept “A” and judge its merits and demerits.

In the age of Globalization, in the age of open and interdependent economies, we would like to see a more connected world.

People in Iran elected moderate Rouhani as their President this year. They wanted to see change. It’s evident that President Barack Obama wants to see change as well.

We would like to see peaceful use of Nuclear Energy by Iran and gradual and careful withdrawal of sanctions by Westerners.

American companies should make the most of it. 
Win-win, Non zero-sum.
A game where a player wins 5 points and his opponent loses 5 points is Zero-sum. 5+(-5) = 0. In a zero-sum game, the more a player wins, the more his opponent loses.
On the other hand, in a Non Zero-sum game, the outcome is not zero. For example, if a player wins 5 points and his opponent wins 4 points, the overall outcome is 5 + 4 = 9. If the outcome of the Game is a Positive number, then it’s a Positive-sum Game. [Game Theory]
It’s win-win – both wins.

And that’s what we are looking for: Win-win, Positive-Sum Outcome!  #TowardsWorldPeace

Progress towards Deal

[Edited: 04.03.15 (Friday) ]

Immigration Reform

Looks positive for the American Economy.

More tax from legalized immigrants (currently undocumented).
More “Brains”. Bright foreign students with American Education and Smart Entrepreneurs joining the American economy (rather than leaving for his / her emerging country). As is evident from FWD.US, high tech companies enthusiastically support the immigration reform. They want to turn more of smart foreign Engineers into American Engineers.

America is a country of immigrants. Our immigrants have added to the diversity and to the economy, won awards and prizes for us, brought about changes for good and made us proud.

But we gotta look out for Border security.