Plans For TV Media: Independent Channel (Bangladesh)


  • Focus: Youth. তারুণ্য.

Youth Success Stories. Youth Presenter / Youth Host (Adult supervision).Youth Talk Shows. [Youth participants from all over Bangladesh, not just Dhaka.] #YouthEmpowerment

  • Focus: Success Stories (Bangladeshis – Home & Abroad). [Inspiration for Audience]
  • Focus: Urban and Rural Areas outside of Dhaka: Chittagong, Rangpur, etc.
  • TV Program: Science & Engineering

Science & Engineering News (Explanation of Scientific concepts in simple terms).

Section: How Things work – Animation ( “রেফ্রিজারেটার কিভাবে কাজ করে”).

  • TV Program: Business & Economics

News. Finance & Stock Market. Industry Analysis.

Section: Economics 101 – Animation (অর্থনীতির পাঠ).

  • TV Program: Careers. [Kajerkhoje]. Report on Careers.
  • TV Program: Public debate show.


  • TV Program: News from Around The World. Special Reports.
  • TV Program: Bangladeshi Expatriates (Bangladeshi American, British Bangladeshis, etc.). 
  • Limits: Restrictions. Censorship.
  • Celebrity. Focus: Social / Welfare Work. Future Plans.
  • English subtitles (Youtube). [Geared towards International Audience]


আজকের উপলব্ধিতে নাগরিক ঐক্য [১৩.০৬.১৫]

নাগরিক ঐক্য #Nagorik

তথ্য ও যোগাযোগ প্রযুক্তি Information and Communications Technology

“সেমিনারটির আয়োজন করে ডিআইআইটি এবং এমআইএসসি। সেমিনারের উদ্বোধন করেন ড্যাফোডিল গ্রুপের চেয়ারম্যান মো. সবুর খান ( #Nagorik )।”

বড় Engineering প্রজেক্ট সম্পূর্ণভাবে বাংলাদেশীদের মাধ্যমে সম্পন্ন করতে – আমাদের ডেভেলাপারদের এবার বড় আকারের সফটওয়্যার ডেভেলাপমেন্টের সক্ষমতা অর্জন করতে হবে।

WordPress Plugin. Theme Development এর মাঝে নিজেকে সীমিত রাখলে চলবে না, WordPress এর মত একটা CMS নিজে কিভাবে develop করা যায় – ভেবে বের করতে হবে।

শুধু Android Activity, Services লেখা না – ভাবতে হবে – আমিই যদি Android এর মত একটা Smartphone OS develop করতাম – কিভাবে করতাম?

সেরা ডেভেলাপার হতে চাইলে জানতে হবে Under the hood – “Hadoop” কিভাবে কাজ করে, নিজে অমন একটা Mapreduce Framework কিভাবে Develop করা যায়। শুধু “Map” আর “Reduce” লিখতে জানলেই চলবে না !

অর্থনীতি ও বাণিজ্য Business & Economy

“ বিক্রেতার অনুরোধে একজন প্রতিনিধি পাঠাবে যিনি বিক্রেতার পণ্যটি সংগ্রহ করে তা ক্রেতার কাছে পৌঁছে দেবেন। একইভাবে পণ্য বিক্রির টাকা আবার বিক্রেতাকে পৌঁছে দেবেন। এর কাস্টমার সাপোর্ট টিম ক্রেতা-বিক্রেতা উভয়ের জন্য একটি সুবিধাজনক সময় নির্ধারণে সাহায্য করবেন।”

পরবর্তী ধাপে কে “E-Commerce Platform” হিসেবে গড়ে তোলা হবে।

ব্যাপারটা Shopping Mall এর সাথে তুলনীয়।

Shopping Mall -এ 3rd Party যেমন নিজস্ব Store গড়ে তুলতে পারেন, “Platform” এর ওপর যে কেউ নিজস্ব “e-Store” গড়ে তুলতে পারবেন

  • অর্থ আদানপ্রদান
  • পণ্য পৌছে দেওয়া
  • E-Commerce Website & App Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software, Inventory Management Software
  • Sales Forecasting & Prediction for clients (Internal Team)

– প্রত্যেকটির সম্পূর্ণ দায়িত্ব নেবে

দেশের উদ্যোক্তাদের জন্য দারুণ সুযোগ #EntrepreneurshipDevelopment

মাদকমুক্ত বাংলাদেশ  #StopDrugTrafficking  #Nagorik


International Relations

Science & Engineering: Electronic Medical Records, Big Data in Healthcare & More


Science & Engineering News: Electronic Medical Records, Big Data in Healthcare & More

Digital Medicine & Digital Healthcare: Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

“In one month, the electronic monitors in our five intensive care units, which track things like heart rate and oxygen level, produced more than 2.5 million alerts. It’s little wonder that health care providers have grown numb to them. [Health parameter Tuning]

… Improvements will come with refinement of the software. Today’s health care technology has that Version 1.0 feel, and it is sure to get better.

… Changes in the work force and culture … federal policies that promote the seamless sharing of data between different systems in different settings … Reimagine how our work can be accomplished in a digital environment.”

Digital Medicine & Digital Healthcare: Big Data

“Big-data efforts under way in health care include Optum Labs, a collaboration between UnitedHealth Group and the Mayo Clinic, in which researchers mine clinical and insurance data in search of micro-patterns that give clues to early indicators of disease and help to tailor treatments.

Precision Medicine, an initiative announced by President Barack Obama earlier this year, will combine genetic data with information from fitness trackers.”

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) & Molecular Medicine #AtMyVentures

#DigitalMedicine  #MolecularMedicine

  1. Database Interoperability: What is required: Common Standards & Protocols. Medical Database Ontology. Future Scenario: Whichever Physician you choose, your Doctor can instantly access all your previous Health records; provided, you give permission to the Doctor (on a selective basis if you want to keep some of your records Private – “The Privacy Factor”). Plus Privacy from Insurance Companies.
  2. Cloud Storage: So that any healthcare provider can access patient record.
  3. Health Parameter Tuning: So that EMR generate accurate alerts.
  4. Personalized Medicine: Personalized Medicine will be “adaptive” in the sense that the EMR system will “continuously” monitor and tune dosages of drugs, etc and hence “personalize” treatment for each individual patient.  
  5. Merging of Medical Big Data & Molecular Medicine: Molecular Medicine will reach a point when Doctors can adapt treatments and predict in advance the effects (in body) of dosage changes “accurately”.

Digital Manufacturing: At My Ventures


[Work in Progress …]

Youtube Playlist (Compiled By Me):

Digital Manufacturing: What happens when you employ Digital Technologies to Manufacturing? Discover for yourself! #AtMyVentures




Manufacturing Cloud

Link: Physical Digital Integration: Manufacturing Cloud & Car 2.0  []



Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing

Internet of Things (IoT)

Sensors & Big Data

Industrial Internet

Enterprise Physical Computing

Plans: Academia, Industry

Plans: Academia, Industry 


Doctoral Degrees:

One Regular PhD +
Several: Doctoral Dissertation -> Doctoral Degrees.

Each “Doctoral Dissertation” would worth a Nobel Prize (in terms of quality of work).

  • Doctoral Program: EECS, Aeronautics and Astronautics ( @ MIT )
  • Doctoral Program: Physics (@ Harvard / MIT)
  • Doctoral Program: Mathematics ( @ Harvard / MIT )
  • MD: HST Program (@ MIT – Harvard Joint) [Regular. Biomedical Research @My Ventures. HST – Research focused.]
  • JD @ Harvard / @Another Ivy League

Doctoral Dissertation -> Doctoral Degrees Possibly:

  • Chemistry @MIT / @Cambridge / @Caltech / @Princeton (IAS)
    • Research @MyVentures => Doctoral Dissertation
  • Economics @Columbia (Dr Joseph Stiglitz. Dr Amartya Sen might be willing to act as my external supervisor!)
  • Mathematics @Princeton / @UC Berkeley
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Biomedical Engineering @Georgia Tech / @John Hopkins / @UCSD
    • Research @MyVentures => Doctoral Dissertation
  • Theoretical Physics & Applied Mathematics @Oxford
  • Neuroscience @Stanford
  • Research @MyVentures => Doctoral Dissertation

@Ivy League

  • Applied Physics @Cornell. Chemical Engineering @Yale, Brain Science @Brown, ….

@Other Universities

  • California: Stanford. Caltech. UC Berkeley. UCLA. UCSD. UCSF. USC.
  • New York – New Jersey: Columbia, Cornell, Princeton.
  • University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. Carnegie Mellon University. Georgia Institute of Technology. University of Texas at Austin.
  • Maryland & Virginia: University of Virginia. University of Maryland, College Park.


  • Cambridge University. Oxford University. UCL. Imperial College.
  • Max Plank Institute.


  • University of Toronto.

Engineering and Applied Sciences [Research @MyVentures => Doctoral Dissertation]

  • Computer Science
  • Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Applied Physics (@ Cornell University)
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Media Arts and Sciences
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Nuclear Science and Engineering
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering

Natural Sciences. Scientific Study of Nature and Universe. [Research @MyVentures => Doctoral Dissertation]

  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Earth Science
  • Neuroscience
  • Chemistry
  • Anthropology
  • Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Cognitive Science
  • Psychology

Divinity [Research => Doctoral Dissertation]

  • Religion
  • Theology

Historical Sciences [Research @MyVentures => Doctoral Dissertation]

  • Archaeology
  • Paleontology
  • Anthropology
  • History

Humanities & Social Sciences [Research @MyVentures => Doctoral Dissertation]

  • Economics
  • Political Science & Government
  • International Relations
  • Sociology

Architecture, Design & Planning [Research @MyVentures => Doctoral Dissertation]

  • Architecture
  • Urban Design & Planning
  • Industrial Design
  • Media Arts & Sciences

Education [Research @MyVentures => Doctoral Dissertation]

  • Education

Business School and Industrial Engineering [Research @MyVentures => Doctoral Dissertation]

  • Economics
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Applied Mathematics (Business). Operations Research & Financial Engineering
  • Management Science & Engineering @Stanford
  • Finance
  • Marketing

Work towards Degrees In Parallel – so that it takes the least possible amount of time (Preferably: less than or equal to 4 years) [MD: 4 years]



  • All aforementioned degrees from MIT, Harvard University, Imperial College, Cornell University.

Ventures & Possible Locations


Corporations spanning 19 sectors:

[Each sector (1 – 19) addressing a Separate Domain & Each defining and redefining Frontiers of the Domain]

  • [2] Agrotech & Biotech
    • Agricultural Machinery. Plant BioEngineering. Digital Agriculture (Sensors, IoT, Drones, Actuators for irrigation). Marine Bio. Biotechnology & Synthetic Bio (Fuel, etc.). Veterinary Medicine.
  • [3] Education
  • [4] Auto, Land Vehicles & Transportation
    • Auto. Digital Car. Intelligent Highway. Bus. High Speed Train. Maglev.
  • [5] Aeronautics & Astronautics
  • [6] Ship, Watercraft & Marine Transportation
    • Ships. Cruise Ships. “Autonomous” Cargo Ships. Submarines.
  • [7] Power & Energy
  • [8] Materials, Chemicals & Nano 
    • Academic Counterpart: Chemistry. Chemical Engineering. Materials Science & Engineering. Nanotechnology. Petrochemicals.
  • [9] Manufacturing
  • [10] Construction & Architecture
    • Theme Park & Resort Development [Jurassic Park, 19th Century Britain.]
    • Next generation Airport
    • Sea Port
  • [11] Enterprise, Retail & Finance [Private Enterprises] 
    • Enterprise Software & Big Data Analytics. Management Consulting. Physical Digital Retail. Digital Finance. Finance and Banking. Enterprise Physical Computing.
    • Academic Counterparts: MBA. Industrial & Systems Engineering. Operations Research & Financial Engineering.
  • [12] Smart City. Smart Gov. Government Consulting. Finance (Public). Law Enforcement Agencies. Political Party Consulting [Public Enterprises]. 
    • Cities of the Future
    • Academic Counterparts: MPA. Urban & Regional Planning. Economics. Finance.
  • [13] Electronic Gadgets & Microprocessor. Communications, Networking, Telecom.
  • [14] Engineering Physics.
    • Optics, Photonics & Laser. Nuclear Engineering. Plasma Science. Scientific Equipments. 
  • [15] Media, TV & Publishing
    • Possible Location: New York.
  • [16] Computing & Software
    • AI Platform & Agents. Robotics. Big Data. Next-gen Search Engine.
    • Infrastructure / Platform Software (Software Defined Data Centers, etc.). Software Engineering Tools. Cloud / Mobile Platforms. Cyber-Security Consulting & Services.
    • Physical Computing OS. Physical Computing (IoT) Tools for Developers. Robotics OS.
    • Academic Counterpart: CS. CE.
    • Microsoft
    • Google
  • [17] Sports Science & Digital Sports 
  • [18] Smart Home
    • Hotels
  • [19] Robotics 
  • Illinois. New Jersey. Texas. Massachusetts.
  • Virginia. Maryland [close to Washington, DC]
  • Gradual expansion to 50 States.
  • International Expansions: London. Paris.


Plans: Ventures

Structure of Medicine & BioEngineering Ventures

Structure of Medicine & BioEngineering “Ventures”


[I’ll start each of the 11 Units from scratch; no acquisitions.

Finance for Space. Hiring. Instruments: Manufactured@MyVentures.

Start: with marketable Products & Services (Units 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6) and bootstrapping from there.]

[Unit 1, 2, 3 & 4: Gadgets, Instruments & Healthcare Systems]

Unit 1: Digital Medicine & Digital Healthcare

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Platform”

Mobile Health Gadgets. “Wearables”. Personal Medical Agent (on Smartphone, Tabs, etc.).

E-Health & M-Health [Developing Nations; Shortage of Physicians & Healthcare Providers].

Preventive Medical Service Delivery. 

Expert Diagnostic System. Decision Support System. AI.

Unit 2: Medical & Diagnostic Gadgets

Ultrasound. MRI & PET Scanner.

X-Ray & CT Scanner.

Laser. Colonoscopy. Pacemaker. Blood Testing Service.

Unit 3: Engineering & Consulting Services to Hospitals & Clinics

Hospital / Clinic Design: Emergency Care.

Training: Physicians, Nurses, Medical Assistants & Medical Technologists [jointly with “Education Ventures”]

Genome Sequencing Services. Gene Therapy Procedures. Molecular Medicine.

“AI Platform” for Physicians (Assistance with Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, Search, etc.).

Robotic Service Providers (at Hospitals). Robo-Nurses. Tele-Medicine.

Unit 4: Engineering & Consulting Services to Biotech – Bioengineering – BioPharma Industry

Drug “Manufacturing Facility” Development.

Research Equipment (used in Biotech & Bio-Pharma Industry). Example: Genome Sequencers.

[Unit 5 & 6: Medicine & Surgery]

Unit 5: Pharmaceuticals & Medicine [Core Bio]

Drug Development.

Drug Delivery System Development.

Unit 6: Surgical Procedures & Instruments [Gadgets, Instruments, Surgical Procedures]

Surgical Procedures. Imaging Tools.

Endoscopic Surgical Tools. 

Robotic Surgical Systems.

[Unit 7, 8 & 9: Study of Life – The Frontiers]

Unit 7: Core Bio & Molecular Medicine

Genome Sequencing. Gene Therapy Development. Gene Editing. 

Molecular Medicine.

Microbiome & Microbiology.

Stem Cell Research. Tissue Engineering. Regenerative Medicine.

Bio-Materials. Nano-Biotechnology.

Unit 8: Computational & Systems Biology

Modeling of Life & Living Systems.

Bioinformatics. Computational Biology. Systems Biology.

Computational Bio-Mechanics (Applicable to Sports Science).

Unit 9: Brain & Mind

Neurological Disorders.

Psychiatric Disorders.

Computational Neuroscience.

Neuro-Engineering: Artificial Retina. Electrode Implant. Prosthetics.

Unit 10: Preventive Medicine & Well-being

Child rearing: IQ, Creativity, Character Development, Health.

Adolescent Guidance.

Exercise & Nutrition. Food & Nutrition Research. Exercise Physiology Research.

Unit 11: Disease / Disability Focus

Separate Units / Sub-units:

Cancer. AIDS. Autism. Parkinson’s. Alzheimer’s. Motor Neuron. Cardiovascular Diseases. Cerebrovascular Diseases.

Infectious Diseases, Epidemics & Public Health.

Possible HQ Locations: Boston, Massachusetts. California. London.

Education – Institutions, Platforms, Tools & Leadership: At My Ventures

Youtube Playlist (Compiled By Me): 

Education: Institutions, Platforms, Tools & Leadership


Education: Institutions, Platforms, Tools & Leadership




[Printed Textbook Plus Digital “Interactive” Versions]

  • Most authoritative and up to date work (continuously updated) on every area and sub-area of Science & Engineering, Humanities and Social Studies, Economics & Business.
  • Me, with Co-Authors.


Higher Education Leadership




Instances of Platforms:

The Instances above are crude versions of what comes next.

Links to Articles:


“Problem Solving” Platforms

“Competitive” Platforms

  • Mathematical Olympiads. Science Olympiads. Chess Olympiads.
  • Programming Contests. Engineering Competitions.


New DIY Platforms for Schools, Colleges  (and community around that Platform). Example: “Maker” Community.


3D Printing Platforms for Schools, Colleges

New Builder / “Automata Set” / “Automata Platform” for kids



  • Microsoft Book [Device]
  • Games / Programming: Kodu; Minecraft; Spark


“Smart Book” & Digital Publishing Platform

Youtube Playlist (Compiled By Me): Smart Book & Digital Publishing : E-Readers & E-Reading Re-Designed From The Ground Up


“Creative Expression” Platforms


  • Book, Magazine, App Publishing
  • Video
  • App Development (with no coding required).
    • Example: MIT App Inventor.

Programming Platform