Tahsin’s Reading List: Business, Management & Industrial Engineering

Project Management


Systems Thinking

Operations Research

Tahsin’s Reading List (Books): Economics

‘El Clasico’, The Classics

History & Evolution of Economic Thought

Works of Contemporary Economists


Mathematical Economics, Econometrics

Game Theory

Financial Economics

Behavioral Economics

Introductory Economics for the General Reader

Tahsin’s Reading List (Books): Software Engineering (Computer Science in Practice)

‘El Clasico’, The Classics

Modern Practices

Academic Study of Software Engineering

Software Architecture

OOP & Design Patterns

Test Driven Development

Software ‘Tools of the Trade’

Experts’ Opinion Compilation

Tahsin’s Reading List (Books): Chemical Engineering & Nanotechnology Industries


Chemistry & Chemical Engineering


Nanoscience & Nanotechnology

Tahsin’s Reading List (Books): Mechanical & Aerospace Industries

Private Spaceflight





Theme Park

Energy & Power

Tourism [Others]

Toy Industry [Others]

Tahsin’s Reading List: Applied Mathematics for the General Reader

Applied Mathematics

Network Science

Mathematical Biology

Mathematics in Sports & Athletics

Crime & Forensic Science

Tahsin’s Reading List: Mathematical Problem Solving, Combinatorics

Mathematical Problem Solving


Tahsin’s Reading List: [Computer Science in Practice] Systems, Networks, Databases & Big Data


Concurrent & Distributed Computing


Databases: NoSQLs

Databases: Document Stores

Big Data

Machine Learning

Big Data: Mapreduce & Hadoop

Big Data: Spark

Big Data: Storm

Tahsin’s Reading List: Programming Languages (Computer Science in Practice)






Common Lisp



Tahsin’s Reading List: Medicine, Physiology & BioEngineering

BioEngineering, Biomedical Engineering

Computational & Systems Biology

Anatomy & Physiology



Pharmaceutical Sciences

Medical Reference

Medicine & Physiology for the General Reader

Tahsin’s Reading List: Neuroscience & NeuroEngineering




Cognitive Neuroscience


Computational Neuroscience


Consciousness & Neuroscience

Neuroscience & Spirituality



Cognitive Science

Behavioral Economics

Books Authored by Computer Scientists, Cognitive Scientists



Books Authored by Physicists

Books Authored by Neurologists

  • Books by Dr V. S. Ramachandran [Area of Research: Neurology; Neuroscience]
    • Curious Neurological cases and interesting explanations by Dr Ramachandran.




  • Books by Dr Antonio Damasio [Area of Research: Neurology; Neuroscience]
    • Dr Damasio’s books focus on Emotion, Feelings and Consciousness.


Books Authored by Psychiatrists


Books Authored by Neuroscientists





Books Authored by Psychologists, Linguists, Cognitive Scientists


Books Authored by Philosophers


Tahsin’s Reading List (Books): Computer & Software Industry

Evolution of Computers & Computing

Quantum Information

Internet & Web

Mobile Computing

Computer Firms

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data

Work & Automation

Physical Computing / Internet of Things / Ubiquitous Computing

Digital Medicine / Healthcare IT

Educational Technology / Computers in Education


Firms, Platforms, Services: Powering Business & Commerce in Bangladesh

Firms, Platforms, Services: Powering Business & Commerce in Bangladesh

  • [1] E-Commerce: Bikroy.com
  • [2] Book Retail (Physical Store & E-Commerce): Boimela
  • [3] Job Listing Site: Kajerkhoje [Next: Professional Network; Job seekers’ Profile; Bridge between Seekers and Employers]
  • [4] FinTech – Financial Technology: Mobile Payment, Cash on Delivery & M-Banking “Platform”: Arthik.com. #FinanceAndBankingForAll
    • International Remittance.
    • 3rd-party Mobile / Web Applications (Billing, Payment, etc.) utilizing “Financial Platform” – Arthik [See #7]. Money back Guarantee.
  • [5] B2B Website & Services [Offerings; Sell-Buy; Contacts; Export-Import]
  • [6] E-Commerce and B2B Platforms, (Mobile Payment, Logistics Platforms) as “Middleman” for Rural people (Agriculture, Fisheries, etc.). #EmpowerThePoor
  • [7] Ticketing & Billing – Mobile & Online [Bus Ticket, Airline Ticket, Cricket Match Ticket, Electricity Bill, etc.]
    • 3rd-party Applications on our Platform.
  • [8] Android App Marketplace. [App Payment: Arthik]
  • [9] Mobile Value-added Services Platform (All operators).
    • 3rd Party Apps & Services on top of Platform. (Review and Technical assistance to Developers.)
  • [10] Courier / Logistics Service and “Platform” [Commercial Use; Supply Chain Management (SCM); Home Delivery]
    • Services and 3rd-party Applications combining “Financial Platform” and “Logistics Platform”. Money back Guarantee.
  • [11] Advertising & Marketing Agency: Online, TV, Print Media – All three.
  • [12] Venture Capital Firm (with Engineering & Management Consulting)  #EntrepreneurshipDevelopment  #FinanceAndBankingForAll
  • [14] Enterprise Software (ERP, CRM, SCM). Data Analytics & Management Consulting.
  • [15] Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing, Outsourcing [Access to and Utilization of outside Talent in the Internet Economy]:
    • Outsourcing (IT, Web Development, Accounting, Electrical Repair service, Installation service, Transportation services – Microbus, etc.) – Payment through Arthik. Crowdsourcing (Idea Contest, etc.). Listings: Consulting Firms, Service Industry Firms.
    • Crowdfunding.
    • Tender Management & Listings. Forms.
    • Academia – Industry (Projects; Competitions; Research Funding)

Arrangements & Guidance: “Internal Team” [e.g., Turning “Industrial Challenges” into Competitions and Launching

Competitions (Textile Machinery Improvement, Agricultural Machinery Design, Industrial Process Improvement, etc.),

Hack-a-thon, Make-a-thon

for University Students].  #LetsBuildNations  #AcademiaIndustryCollaboration

  • [16] Transportation: Airline.
    • [Business and Commercial Activities increase as Transportation System improves.]
  • [17] Tourism Industry.


Recommendation for Managers, Project Managers

Tahsin’s Reading List (Books): Technology Industries

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Tahsin’s Reading List (Books): Technology Industries


Aeronautics & Astronautics

Auto Industry

Energy & Power

Computer & Software Industry

For A more Comprehensive List, See: 

Electronics & Communications

Digital Medicine, Healthcare IT

Pharma & BioPharma Industry

Synthetic Biology

Smart Home, Home Appliances

Smart City, Urban Planning

Smart Government

Tahsin’s Reading List: Invention & Discovery

Technology of the Future

Invention & Discovery

Medical Invention & Discovery

Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology

Nanoscience & Nanotechnology

Tahsin’s Reading List: Physics


Tahsin’s Reading List: Physics #BookRecommendation

Roger Penrose

Richard Feynman


Relativity: Albert Einstein


Stephen Hawkin


Steven Weinberg

Michio Kaku



Quantum Mechanics: Paul Dirac

General Physics, Physics Problem Books

String Theory: Brian Greene

Particle Physics


Quantum Information: Seth Lloyd


Computation & Physics – Bits & Atoms: Neil Gershenfeld




Leonard Susskind

Neil deGrasse Tyson


Brian Cox