Development of Manufacturing Industry


Development of Manufacturing Industry


  • Thailand, Malaysia: Both countries have size-able Automotive & Electrical / Electronics industry.
    • Competence: Power, Infrastructure, Required low cost labor, Government support.
    • Mostly developed and licensed by foreign producers. Local producers depend on foreign engineering. Local experts lack skills required for producing quality marketable Cars / Electronic products.
  • India: Power, Infrastructure roadblock to development of manufacturing sector.
  • Japan: Education system capable of producing engineering, business experts.

Rural development in Developing Nations through Businesses


Rural development in Developing Nations through Businesses

Limiting Issue: Limited purchasing power of inhabitants.

  • Entrepreneurial opportunity creation
    • Selling handmade goods to urban population
    • Micro-credit as finance
  • Suitable employment (e.g., light engineering)
  • Agricultural production increase through modern methods
  • Healthcare: Development of low cost diagnostic instruments, Telemedicine
  • Business applications of ICT & Technology
  • Selling low cost nutrition-added food products