Around Asia Pacific & Oceania [03.01.15]


“China is considering enacting a new anti-terror law that significantly enhances its already broad powers in a number of areas. That includes information technology, where U.S. officials and business groups are concerned that the draft law goes too far.”


America In Realization [01.10.15]




Global Economic Outlook for 2015 [Goldman Sachs]


“America was, America is and America will continue to be leading the nation in the world through our scientific and technological mastery and innovations.”

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Youth Empowerment


“Presenting today’s greatest gathering of young game changers, movers and makers – 600 millennials in 20 fields”

America In Realization [12.24.14]

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Florida In Realization

“California remains the most populous state, followed by Texas.”


NFL talent evaluators say there’s a different kind of athlete dominating the league this season: the soccer player.
From Odell Beckham Jr. to Ndamukong Suh, Players Reared in That Other Type of Football Are Taking Over”

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