X Engineering and Technology for Development


ICT for Development:

  1. Business (E-Commerce)
  2. Finance (Mobile Banking, Mobile payment)
  3. Healthcare (Telemedicine, Mobile health)
  4. Education (Example: One Laptop per child / $100 Laptop)
  5. Government services
  6. Information. Digitalization. (Webification, Mapping, Search)
  7. Transportation (Ride hailing services)
  8. Mass collaboration on specific projects (Example: Ushahidi)
  9. Agriculture


AI (Artificial Intelligence) for Development

  1. User interface (Speech recognition)

ECE for Development:

  1. Agriculture
    • IoT Devices

Mechanical Engineering for Development

  1. Energy (Low cost energy production)
  2. Healthcare (Low cost prosthesis)
  3. Transportation (Low cost vehicles)

Chemical Engineering for Development

  1. Clean water
  2. Healthcare (Parasitic control)
  3. Energy

Biomedical Engineering for Development

  1. Healthcare (Low cost diagnostic equipment)

Bioengineering for Development

  1. Agriculture
  2. Fisheries and livestock

Designing Information Interface For The Next 5 Billion

Designing Information Interface For The Next 5 Billion

Internet For All

5 Billion more people will join the Internet and other information services users in less than a decade. Many of them would be poor from developing countries, unable to read or write. The challenge is to develop information interfaces for those 5 Billion people. 

New Interface

  • New Multimedia interface to the Information World for people all over the world
    • Not browsers (URLs, Hyperlinks, Documents), as we know them today.  
  • Speech Recognition 
    • Local languages 
  • Machine Translation 
  • Multimedia Content 
  • Search Engines with natural language speaking assistant 
  • Personal Assistants with natural language speaking assistant
    • Apple Siri
    • Google Now 
  • Cheap, more powerful Computers with new architectures, built from different materials would be required for meeting the computational demand of Machine Translation and Speech Recognition in the Cloud.
    • Continuation of Moore’s Law by shifting paradigms from current architecture and hardware to new and better alternatives.    

Devices and Network

  • Cheap Smartphone 
  • Internet for all
    • Google Loon 

  • Data utilized for changing the lives of people.
    • Healthcare
    • Education

Physical Digital
  • Physical Digital Products 
  • Cheap 3D Printers 
  • Fab labs 
    • Free downloadable designs for products