Larry Page: Where’s Google Going Next?

Larry Page wants to change the world.

“Organizing The World’s Information”, Search, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • 15 years of work on search and organizing the world’s information but it is not at all done.
  • Future of search – contextual, personal. Current: Google Now.
  • Google’s focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning led it to buying DeepMind. Combines Neuroscience and Machine Learning (AI’s European flavor!) to develop Video Game playing Softwares. 
  • More Machine Learning: Speech Recognition (Google Now), automatically forming the concept of “Cat” from Youtube Videos (“Deep Learning” Algorithm [1]) are in this line.

Google Improves Lives Of People

  • How a Kenyan farmer finds his crop’s problems with Google Search and how people use Google search to solve problems in their lives.
  • Google Loon – providing internet access to two-third population of the world who do not have it. World wide mesh of balloons that can cover and provide Internet access to the whole world.

Security and Privacy

  • Wants to be notified about the surveillance program.
  • Thinks of providing anonymous access to patient records to Doctors for improving Healthcare.
  • View on Privacy – sharing information with the right people in the right way lead to great things.


  • Super excited about the prospects of Self driving car and transportation system to come. Autonomous Self driving Cars save lives, save space. 
  • “Bikes above the street!” – Bikes moving on strings hanging in the air. 

Technology & Future

  • The more you know about technology, the more possibilities you see.
  • In technology, we need revolutionary change, not incremental change.
  • Lots of companies don’t succeed over time. What do they fundamentally do wrong? They miss the future. What is the future gonna be and how do we create it? So Larry tries to focus on that – what is the future gonna be and how do we create it and how do we focus our organization on that. So the most important trait – curiosity – looking at things that no one else is looking at, working on stuffs that no one else is working on and taking the risk to make it happen.
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