Win-win: Law of Attraction applied to collective

Law of attraction applied to individual

According to the law of attraction, if someone wants something deeply enough, visualizes and feels it, then the universe creates opportunities so that he / she can turn it into reality. To many, this might be just another “New Age” nonsense. 

But is it? 

All the religions teach us to pray to God for the changes we want to see, for the wishes we want to be fulfilled. We see Muslims praying with their hands stretched and many crying (deeply feeling) to God. In the Holy Bible, we find “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” – Matthew 7:7. 

And when we try to understand people all around us including ourselves, we see everyone of us daydreaming a world where our deepest wishes have come true. We “visualize”, we “feel”, we create our own world. 

And what happens when we want something deeply enough? 

We begin to notice more of the opportunities that come our way, that were always there but unnoticed – but that’s just the logical side of it. Many of us have also had the experience of sudden deep wish fulfillment. If it is really the case, then God’s laws might be more general than what many of us think they are – not just limited to believers of a particular religion, not just limited to a particular way of doing things, but for everyone of us and in general more general. (The generic nature of prayer / wish follows if we accept that God knows everything that goes on inside our minds.) 

It’s worth mentioning that, we can pray and wish only for opportunities. We have to take necessary actions to make the best use of the opportunities that are presented to us.

Law of attraction applied to collective

Now let us suppose that the law of attraction is indeed true. 

Suppose two persons “A” and “B” want “X” (whatever it is), – but only one of them can have it. If “A” has it, then “B” loses it and vice versa. Then the universe has to decide what to do. But suppose both “A” and “B” want “X” and both of them can have it at the same time. Then there will be more chances of their common wish “X” coming true. (Imagine, 2 persons pulling a cart instead of one alone.) Now imagine a group of people praying deeply for something that is good for the group as a whole. If the law of attraction holds true, then there will be more chances of fulfillment – in fact, the force should be several times stronger. (Imagine, 1 person pulling a cart versus a lot of persons pulling the same cart.) 

How can we utilize it? 

We can begin to shape our desires so that the outcome is desirable not only to us, but at the same time, to others. Then even if the law of attraction doesn’t work automatically, we can still pull off together with greater force!

This is what Napoleon Hill meant when he mentioned “The master mind”.

My own belief is that, God designed the Universe in such a way that morally obliged people win the most and are happier and what is good for all is the best option for an individual. And that is what it is ought to be if we assume that a benevolent God designed the Universe.