Gamification Of The Process Of Achieving Goals

Introduce game mechanics into the process of achieving goals.

  1. Determine the Goal / Dream.
    • Dream is associated with emotional motivation and is a better word. 
    • Typical Goals:
      • Life Objectives.
      • Compete. Compare yourself to others. Beat others! You don’t have to take part in a competition. You might just figure out what a person is good at and try to be better than him / her. In the process become better at something. Become a better you!  
      • How do I build that product. What are the skills I need to master. How do I build everything that company has ever built. 
  2. Creative Visualization + Faith
    • Creative Visualization:
      • Visualization and Appreciation of how it feels like when the goal turns into reality.
    • Faith:
      • Strong belief that the goal is very much within reach. You can almost see how to achieve it. 
        • Go through your past successes and accomplishments. Build you confidence.  
    • Now, you should have a burning desire to achieve the goal. 
    • Think backwards from the goal to present situation and find out requirements that lead you to the goal. 
      • Make a plan. 
      • Make a list of sub-goals that lead you to the main goal.
    • Start working. Keep scores. 
      • Measure how much you have achieved and how much closer you are to the goal at regular time intervals. Use them as feedback. Success, progress pushes you just as getting closer to your desired goal does. 
      • Make the whole process similar to the games you have played. Suppose, you are playing a game, and you have earned say, 70 points (Yay!) and you need 30 more (pretty close!) to reach the next level. 
      • Exciting, huh?
    • Use feedback to your advantage.
      • Hey, that part is taking me too long to finish (Told you to keep scores!). What can I do to make things faster? 
      • Master the skill.
      • Grow your sense of mastery.   
    • Associate positive feelings with the task at hand.
      • Feel happy while you are doing it. Feel happy when you think of it.
      • This will help you reprogram your brain and feel happy whenever you think of the task. 
    • Go back to step 2 whenever you need little bit of extra motivation.