Product Management In Brief

Integrating different departments:

  • Research & Engineering: What’s possible
  • Design: User Interface & Experience (user, gadget, environment, software) design
  • Marketing & Strategy: What customers / consumers want? Competitors? Use Data analytics.
  • Integration: Using some form of collective mind map that depicts all of the different components of the product in which everyone in the team can contribute.


  • Design
  • Prototype
  • Test & Get user feedback
  • Develop & Get user feedback & Employ Data Analytics


  • Working backwards from goal theoretically and starting with the features other parts most depend on (Topological sorting).
  • Utilization of Operations Research models.

Human Resource Management & Team Management:

  • Smart people want to innovate. Encourage them so that they can come up with innovative solutions in every step of the process and share with others.
  • Gamify. Points, Badges, “Most innovative engineer” etc.
  • Make sure all the team members really care about the product – startup like environment, enthusiasm.