“Beautiful Bangladesh” – How does Bangladesh Develop A Vibrant Tourism Industry

“Beautiful Bangladesh – রূপসী বাংলা”

Service Development

Tourism is a Service.
And, as is the case in development of any Product or Service, the Developer has to think from the perspective of the Customer.

What would Customers (Tourists) look for when making the choice of selecting Bangladesh as the Tourist Destination?

Customers would look for distinguishing features in tourist spots of Bangladesh.

What is it that we have in Bangladesh which no other country can offer its tourists?

Bangladesh has the largest mangrove forest in the World – the Sundarbans.

Bangladesh has the longest Beach in the World – The Cox’s Bazaar Sea Beach.

Find out more distinguishing features.
Highlight those features.

Why would people tour places if they can’t view and enjoy scenes?

Build high View Points from which people can enjoy scenes.

When customers make travel choices, they choose among “Travel Packages” offered by different countries and companies.
Introduce new and attractive “Travel Packages”.
That’s the role of the Private Sector – designing attractive “Travel Packages” by working with Airliners, Hotel Managers, Transportation Agencies.
Bangladeshi Tourism Industry Firms can introduce “Joint Travel Packages” with neighboring countries – India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives – so that whoever visits any of these countries also visits Bangladesh.

Role of the Government

What role can the Government play to support the Tourism Industry?

The Government can make it easy for foreigners around the World to get Visa for visiting Bangladesh.
Bangladeshi Embassies can actively promote tourism and assist foreigners looking for Visas.

Security is vital. Government has to ensure Security employing full capability of all the Law Enforcement Agencies.

Infrastructure Development falls into the responsibility of the Government.

The Traffic situation in Dhaka is one area that calls for urgent attention. Roads and Highways have to be broadened. Airports have to be modernized.

“Market”ing The Tourism Service

How do we Market Bangladesh as an attractive Tourist Destination?

Again: think from the perspective of the Customer.

What do you think would convince people to choose Bangladesh as their Tourist destination?
Those of us currently residing abroad can promote and market Bangladesh as a tourist destination directly to our friends and acquaintances.
Those living in the country can utilize Blogs, Youtube and Social Media to promote “Beautiful Bangladesh”.

I know, many look forward to visiting my country! So each of us can play our part in the process.

Let’s work together and turn “Beautiful Bangladesh” into one of the most attractive tourist destinations of the World!

“Beautiful Bangladesh” – “রূপসী বাংলা” [Youtube Playlist]

The way our Brains work & Its relation to “Stereotyping”

The way our Brains work & Its relation to “Stereotyping”

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The way human brain works is by building “model”s of how the world works. 

[See: Short Review of “How to create a Mind” by Ray Kurzweil and “On Intelligence” by Jeff Hawkins [TahsinVersion2.com] ]

Each concept that we learn, we build an internal model of that conceptThere is a “summarized model” of each concept we  learn – that comes to our mind just as we think of that concept.  

So, for example, thinking of “Microsoft” could remind you of Bill Gates or the Windows Operating System you have on your laptop. But Microsoft is not just Bill Gates or not just Windows. Gates or Windows are only the “summarized model or representation” of Microsoft in your brain.
The problem with this is that it could make us fall into the trap of “stereotyping” the world and not reflect the totality of a concept but only a part of it.

As an instance, it might happen that you have read the famous novel “Godfather” by Mario Puzo and from that point on, whenever you hear of Italy or Italians, you are reminded of Italian Mafia. But that’s stereotyping. Not all Italians are part of a Mafia gang.
How do we build these models?
We build these models as we learn concepts, possibly in a social context. 
This applies to every domain.

Let me give you an example from Marketing.
A few days back I wrote:

Microsoft has lost it’s “Brand Appeal” in the past few years that it once enjoyed. Google and Apple lead Microsoft in terms of “Brand Appeal”. 

When you think of Google or Apple products you think of them as being “cool”, “awesome”, “wonderful”, and so on.
That’s how you learned about Google or Apple. You heard your friends say, “Apple products are so cool” and that’s how the model of “Apple products” in your mind got represented, as being something “cool”
In Marketing jargon, it’s called “word of mouth”advertising through the mouth of satisfied customers.
“Brand Appeal” depends more on what people “think” of products than the products themselves.
It might be the case that Microsoft products are better, but people are not doing enough of those “Wow”s – 

“Windows is so cool!”  


Surface is simply sensational!”

In other words, “Brand Appeal” could fall victim to human stereotyping.
The effect is not just on customers and consumers, but also on job seekers – when you look for jobs, you certainly want to work for the “coolest” company around.

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