Plans For TV Media: Independent Channel (Bangladesh)


  • Focus: Youth. তারুণ্য.

Youth Success Stories. Youth Presenter / Youth Host (Adult supervision).Youth Talk Shows. [Youth participants from all over Bangladesh, not just Dhaka.] #YouthEmpowerment

  • Focus: Success Stories (Bangladeshis – Home & Abroad). [Inspiration for Audience]
  • Focus: Urban and Rural Areas outside of Dhaka: Chittagong, Rangpur, etc.
  • TV Program: Science & Engineering

Science & Engineering News (Explanation of Scientific concepts in simple terms).

Section: How Things work – Animation ( “রেফ্রিজারেটার কিভাবে কাজ করে”).

  • TV Program: Business & Economics

News. Finance & Stock Market. Industry Analysis.

Section: Economics 101 – Animation (অর্থনীতির পাঠ).

  • TV Program: Careers. [Kajerkhoje]. Report on Careers.
  • TV Program: Public debate show.


  • TV Program: News from Around The World. Special Reports.
  • TV Program: Bangladeshi Expatriates (Bangladeshi American, British Bangladeshis, etc.). 
  • Limits: Restrictions. Censorship.
  • Celebrity. Focus: Social / Welfare Work. Future Plans.
  • English subtitles (Youtube). [Geared towards International Audience]


Tahsin’s Reading List: Invention & Discovery

Technology of the Future

Invention & Discovery

Medical Invention & Discovery

Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology

Nanoscience & Nanotechnology

Tahsin’s Recommendations: Books on Neurology, Neuroscience, Psychology & Cognitive Science


Tahsin’s Recommendations:

Books on Neurology: Books by Neurologists

Books on Neuroscience

Books on Psychological Sciences



Books Authored by Neurologists, Neuroscientists & Psychologists


  • Books by Dr V. S. Ramachandran [Areas of Research: Neurology; Neuroscience] 
    • Curious Neurological cases and interesting explanations.


  • Books by Dr Oliver Sacks [Areas of Research: Neurology; Neuroscience]
    • Neurological Case Studies. Each chapter in his books features a curious neurological patient with a curious disorder. 



  • Books by Dr Antonio Damasio [Areas of Research: Neurology; Neuroscience]
    • Dr Damasio’s books focus on the topics of Emotion, Feelings and Consciousness.



Tahsin’s Recommendations: Books on Invention & Discovery


Tahsin’s Recommendations: Books on Invention & Discovery

#BookRecommendation  #MediaAndPublishing





Media & Publishing: At My Ventures


Youtube Playlist (Compiled by me): Smart Book & Digital Publishing : E-Readers & E-Reading Re-Designed From The Ground Up

Media & Publishing: At My Ventures

News & Analysis: Sites & Apps   [Outgrowth of]

  • Politics & International Relations. Science & Engineering, Medicine & Innovation. Business & Economics.


  • [ currently features my works and only those News & “Links” – that are related to work I am doing. So the current version of doesn’t fall into the category of a general “Media & Publishing” site.]


Advertisement Platform (& Business)


Television Channel


World Affairs. Business & Economics.

Science. Technology. Educational Programs & Learning Shows.

Similar in Category:

BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera

Discovery Channel, National Geographic


Printed Magazines & Newspapers:

Weekly Scientific Research Journal

Similar in Category:

Nature, Science

Weekly Science Magazine

Similar in Category:

Scientific American, New Scientist,

Discover Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, National Geographic


Weekly Tech Magazine

Similar in Category:

MIT Technology Review, IEEE Spectrum

Wired, Wired UK,

Popular Science, Popular Mechanics


Weekly Business & Economics Magazine

Similar in Category:

Harvard Business Review,

Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company,

Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg Market


Weekly “World Affairs” Magazine

Similar in Category:

The Economist, Time Magazine,

Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy,

Christian Science Monitor, The Atlantic.

One English Daily Newspaper published from Bangladesh (buy shares of an existing newspaper or establish a new one)

=> Magazine: International Circulation (International Offices)

Advising / Consulting to

News / Magazines / Media Firms

Digital Publishing Platform

Smart Book (A new kind of Gadget); Platform for publishing Smart Books & Magazines

  • Apps;
  • Educational Games;
  • Interactive Contents.

“Creative Expression” Platforms (Nurture and help people express their inner creative potentials):

Self-publishing Platform

(Similar in Category: Amazon self-publishing Platform)

Video Platform

App-Development and Sharing Platform (with no-coding requirements).

Similar in Category:


Android App Inventor

Social Network

  • Focused on bringing about meaningful changes to the world.

The Responsilibity Of Popular Books And Media

#MediaAndPublishing  #Culture

People do not usually think for themselves. Popular books and popular Media shape public opinion.
So if there are incorrect opinions or views or explanations – expressed in popular books or popular media, we have problem.
I am talking not just about the rumors that spread and later prove to be incorrect, I am also focusing on the incorrect explanations that many popular books (and bestsellers) provide.
Authors are usually driven by common human traits like trying to prove (in their book) how smart they are and how “smart” they are compared to others who have written books.
Several days back, I was reading a book. It was a bestseller. 
Years back, I read a chapter of that same book and at that time, I accepted the explanations the book presented without questioning. I let the book shape my opinion. 
But now, years later, as I re-read that chapter, the explanations didn’t seem to be satisfactory in light of my new knowledge.
I understand this deeply because now I have a lot of influence. I can form public opinion. I can change public opinion. I know that People do not usually think for themselves.It’s we, the popular media – that shape public opinion. So we do have a lot of responsibility.
Whatever I write – each sentence – is based on my sound thinking. 
One of the great advantages I have is that – my interest is broad to the point of encompassing almost all of human knowledge. I do not have to rely on what others say. I apply the techniques I learned in Science (comparable to Mathematical correctness).

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