Studying Medicine

I thought about messaging some advice to my brother and sister both of whom are studying Medicine. This is what the advice looked like.

1.  Imagine your Dream coming true. Feel happy! Think how becoming a great Physician can help turn your dreams into reality. (Say to yourself: Yes! I can turn all of my dreams into reality!) Now stop doing everything else and start studying! Motivate yourself regularly.

2. Ignite curiosity. (Say to yourself: hey I understand only a few isolated concepts about how we see things [with eyes]! Now, I really want to understand the Visual System as a whole thoroughly!)
As you read, never lose sight of the concepts you wanted to know and the questions you had in mind – when you started out. As you learn, pose questions to yourself and study-think to find out answers to those questions. Write the questions down if necessary. (Say to yourself: So now I understand how Image forms on the retina, but how does the signal reach the brain?)
Get excited! (Wow! I never knew that there was a primary visual area and a secondary visual area!) Feel proud of yourself! (Say: Yeah! Now I understand the visual system better!) Become passionate!
3. Just as we build model of a person (he is such and such), build Model of each of the systems of Human body.
4. While learning pathology, build Models of Diseases. Now model how different systems (cardiovascular, immune) work/dysfunction (as a result of e.g., a particular class of virus / bacteria) to give rise to diseases and the treatment plan. (Say, so this is why the treatment plan for this disease is that!)
5. Can’t find answer to one of your questions? Can’t understand something clearly enough? “Google”!