Around Middle East & North Africa [01.12.15]

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Prince billionaire businessman Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

Saudi Prince billionaire businessman Alwaleed bin Talal

“Islam really is united with Christianity, and Judaism, and other religions in the world to limit this disease (extremism) from from Earth.”



Nouri al-Maliki, left, and Haider al-Abadi meet on Thursday during a parliamentary session in Baghdad to approve the new Government

Nouri al-Maliki, left, and Haider al-Abadi meet on Thursday during a parliamentary session in Baghdad to approve the new Government



Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister.

Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister.

“Secretary of State John Kerry plans to meet with his Iranian counterpart Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif next week in Geneva to try to advance the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, the State Department said on Friday.

Mr. Kerry is leaving Friday night for a long-planned trip to India but plans to stop in Munich on Saturday to meet with Sultan Qaboos bin Said of Oman, who has served as a conduit to Iranian officials.

The deadline for completing a detailed agreement, including the technical details, is July 1.”

Around Middle East & North Africa [12.09.14]



“Qatar’s State Fund Invests $1.8 Billion in Brookfield Property”

United Arab Emirates


“The European Commission on Friday cleared Etihad Airways to buy 49% of Italy’s Alitalia, after the United Arab Emirates-based airline agreed to give up airport slots on the route between Rome and Belgrade.”


Changing Hearts & Minds Of People with Extremist Views:

Lure the youth away from IS and get them together in rebuilding Modern Iraq, Syria and the rest of Middle East (lot of work to be done in Palestine!).

Changing Hearts & Minds Of People with Extremist Views:

Exciting and happy life for young driven Muslims lies in growing themselves, achieving both earthly and spiritual goals.

Let’s build Nations together.

Changing The Hearts And Minds Of Extremists

Many (including Europeans) are drawn to IS by the prospect of a thrilling life (attaining glories, establishing their own state – a Caliphate). To them – staying at home and leading normal day to day life doesn’t appear to be as exciting as being part of a revolution.


    • Introduce an acceptable way of getting thrills, glories, happiness 
      • In one of their recruitment videos, a person says, “Brothers, we are so happy!” But killings, mutilation, Bank robbery in the name of establishing Islam? For the sake of happiness?



  • Exciting and happy life for young driven Mulims lies in growing themselves, achieving both earthly and spiritual goals, not through robbing Banks and mutilating people (as the ISIS videos seem to demand).


  • Start a new organization. 
  • Lure the youth away from IS and get them together in the process of rebuilding Modern Iraq, a Modern Syria and the rest of Middle East. 
  • People love the feeling of excitement and [possibly] glory of being part of a Revolution. But a Revolution should be acceptable to everyone.
  • I have acceptance among Syrians. 
  • Thousands from Europe have already joined – many of whom are disillusioned. How are we going to deal with them when they get back to their home countries in Europe? A better approach would be to change their minds and hearts.


  1. Becoming A Great Leader By Truly Understanding The People You Wish To Lead 


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“The caretaker government could be such that

  • The chief of the caretaker government is acceptable to all the parties involved.
  • Military and arms support from outside countries are stopped immediately. 
  • The caretaker government shows zero tolerance to extremists and militias, no matter what ideology they represent.
  • The situation in Syria returns at least close to normal. Initiatives are taken to bring back all the refugees back to Syria. The refugee situation is causing disastrous effects in the Middle East. Humanitarian efforts are undertaken.
  • A definite time period is determined during which the caretaker government rules. Before the time period ends, a free, fair, credible and internationally acceptable election is held.”


 (January 23, 2014)


  1. Middle East & Africa – The Economist 

Possible Foreign Policy For America In The Middle East


  • No support for Sunni extremists. [1]
  • Encourage Iran to stop support for Shiite extremists.
  • Peace talks / Negotiations – An interim neutral “Caretaker Government” holding elections. [2]
  • Threat of international court – Crime against humanity.


Saudi Arabia  
  • Relies on America for consolidating its dominance in the Middle East. 
  • Message to the Saudis – It’s not necessary to crush your opponent for regional dominance. Better – bolster your own economy.



  • Why can’t the West form close ties with Iran (with Nuclear deals)? 


  • Above all, mass killings, etc. of Muslim brotherhood supporters has to be stopped immediately. 

Encourage both Iran and Saudi Arabia to bolster their economies – more economic interdependence, more commerce with America with benefit to both.


  • Our increasing Energy independence.
  • Circumstances in Russia-Ukraine.



Notes on Foreign policy

Consider both

  • what is beneficial to you
  • what is beneficial to the country you are considering (view from their perspective)


If it’s non-zero sum, you can make them work with you so that it’s beneficial to both.

Both sides involved in a relationship feel comfortable when each has interests for which it knows that the other depends on it.
US – Saudi relationship (since 1945)

Conflicting Interest in Regional Dominance is Nurturing Militants and Extremists in Middle East: Is this Acceptable?

In Middle East, regional dominance and Shiite-Sunni conflict is giving rise to and encouraging militants and extremists.Saudi Arabia and it’s allies and Iran and it’s allies are in opposite groups, with Saudi Arabia being Sunni dominant and Iran being Shiite dominant.


Because of power conflict and interest in regional dominance, both sides are encouraging groups of opposing militants and extremists.

But does “Islam”, a word derived from “Salam”, which literally means “peace”, really encourage or even approve such conflicts?
Suicide and collateral damage are forbidden in Islam and the person who commits suicide is destined to go to hell.
Prophet Muhammad declared unity of humanity in his last sermon, “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action.” [1]

In the age of globalization, it’s the mutual economic relationship and mutual economic engagement, not military engagement, that brings prosperity.