How Artists, Architects, Designers, Musicians, Singers and Writers Work

Artists, Architects, Designers

Artists, Designers, Architects break things up into components, parts, colors; change parts, components, colors for learning / exploration; and find out what happens when parts of the whole are changed, replaced by other parts, colors. They find out what makes something beautiful. They try to figure out features that make a product usable (from the customer’s point of view). They look at things around them with fresh eyes and continuously pose questions to themselves – “What makes this design beautiful or ugly?” “What features make this product usable or unusable? ” and try to figure out the answers. They change their point of view and view things from different angles.

Musicians & Singers

Musicians “see” music. What we hear as music for 15 or 30 seconds, musicians can see the whole music at a glance. (I am beginning to see music as shapes!)
Singers on the other hand have to concentrate on split-second changes in voice, tone and pitch and sing accordingly.


Most organized novelists make a high level plot first, and then write successively more detailed narrations, where each newer level of narration expands its immediate higher level. They go back and change the condensed higher level plots when necessary though.