Around The World [11.07.14]


We are focused in our efforts against Mexican Drug Lords and Drug Traffickers.

“Search Yields Unrelated Mass Graves, Among 22,000 Who Have Disappeared; ‘Human-Rights Crisis of Major Proportions’

They have yet to find the students, who officials say were picked up by corrupt police and handed over to an allied drug cartel, presumably to be killed.
But searchers have found plenty of other horrors, including a string of mass graves with 50 unidentified victims that DNA tests show are not the students. Most of those victims were chopped into bits and set on fire.

Mexican government estimates more than 22,000 people went “missing” during the last eight years of violence here between cartels fighting each other and security forces. Human-rights groups say the toll could be far higher.

 China – Japan Relations

“China and Japan have agreed to try to reduce tensions over a disputed chain of islands in the East China Sea.”


“APEC Members to Lay Out Plan for Corruption Information Sharing

China is increasingly extending its domestic antigraft campaign internationally to, as one policy maker put it, “cut off the escape route of corrupt fugitives.”
Now, the 21 members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, which began Wednesday in Beijing, are set to affirm a plan for information-sharing on corruption, those people said.

The network, called Act-Net
Act-Net—short for APEC Network of Anti-Corruption Authorities and Law-Enforcement Agencies

Act-Net is a key facet of an agreement—the Beijing Declaration on Fighting Corruption—awaiting signatures at the APEC summit, to be attended next week by Mr. Xi, President Barack Obama , Russian President Vladimir Putin , among others.
An eight-point draft declaration circulating in mid-October and seen by The Wall Street Journal cites Act-Net and a shared “commitment to denying safe haven to those engaged in corruption, including through extradition, mutual legal assistance, and the recovery and return of proceeds of corruption.”
Act-Net is designed to open cross-border information flows between law-enforcement agencies


“West Should Be Ready to Stiffen Policy If Progress Halts, Opposition Leader Says”