Designing Information Interface For The Next 5 Billion

Designing Information Interface For The Next 5 Billion

Internet For All

5 Billion more people will join the Internet and other information services users in less than a decade. Many of them would be poor from developing countries, unable to read or write. The challenge is to develop information interfaces for those 5 Billion people. 

New Interface

  • New Multimedia interface to the Information World for people all over the world
    • Not browsers (URLs, Hyperlinks, Documents), as we know them today.  
  • Speech Recognition 
    • Local languages 
  • Machine Translation 
  • Multimedia Content 
  • Search Engines with natural language speaking assistant 
  • Personal Assistants with natural language speaking assistant
    • Apple Siri
    • Google Now 
  • Cheap, more powerful Computers with new architectures, built from different materials would be required for meeting the computational demand of Machine Translation and Speech Recognition in the Cloud.
    • Continuation of Moore’s Law by shifting paradigms from current architecture and hardware to new and better alternatives.    

Devices and Network

  • Cheap Smartphone 
  • Internet for all
    • Google Loon 

  • Data utilized for changing the lives of people.
    • Healthcare
    • Education

Physical Digital
  • Physical Digital Products 
  • Cheap 3D Printers 
  • Fab labs 
    • Free downloadable designs for products