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Evolution of Computers & Computing

Quantum Information

Internet & Web

Computer Firms

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data

Work & Automation

Physical Computing / Internet of Things / Ubiquitous Computing

Digital Medicine / Healthcare IT

Educational Technology / Computers in Education


America In Realization [04.02.15]


Business & Economy: Wall Street (Finance)

“Funds managing billions hunt for investment clues in newswires, weather, Twitter.

In SoHo offices where robots occasionally ply the hallways, dozens of Ph.D. scientists with degrees in fields like astrophysics, immunology and linguistics huddle every day around computer screens that show billions of dollars zapping around the world. Their goal: to give their secretive hedge-fund firm a leg up in investing the $24 billion it has under management.

In a room called the “Hacker’s Lab” where staff work on side projects, a researcher prints out an ergonomic keyboard on a 3-D printer while another teaches a Robot to play air hockey. A Robot from the lab occasionally plays shuffleboard in hallways.”

[ #PhysicalComputing influence at Work]  #FinanceAndBanking  #ComputationalFinance  #FinancialEngineering


A New breed of Wall Street “Quants” – They are “Makers”!

New breed of Wall Street "Quants" - They are "Makers"

New breed of Wall Street “Quants” – They are “Makers”!

Science & Engineering, Medicine & Innovation: IoT, Microsoft & More


Science & Engineering, Medicine & Innovation: IoT, Microsoft & More

Drug Development #Medicine #BioEngineering


A Collection Of Reports From World Economic Forum


World Economic Forum: Reports

Industrial Internet of Things: Unleashing the Potential of Connected Products and Services


The Future of Electricity: Attracting investment to build tomorrow’s electricity sector


The Business of Creativity: Seeking Value in the Digital Content Ecosystem


Global Risks 2015 10th Edition


The Future of Manufacturing: Driving Capabilities, Enabling Investments


Scenarios for Ukraine: Reforming institutions, strengthening the Economy after the crisis


Outlook on the Global Agenda 2014

“Digital Sports” & Sports Science : At My Ventures

Youtube Playlist (Compiled By Me):

“Digital Sports & Sports Science”

What does the not-so-distant future of Sports look like? Have a look!


“Digital Sports & Sports Science” : At My Ventures  

#DigitalSports  #PhysicalDigital


Applications Areas

1. Mechanical Systems, Robotic Player, Simulator


Batting against a Machine that throws a ball with adjustable speed and spin / swing

3D video of bowler running towards the batsman and the machine throws the ball from a hole – feels like a real match; sound of crowds cheering

Table Tennis




People playing not video games, rather with a Robot in the real world. More realistic than “Kinect”-like experience.


2. Big Data Analytics Applied to Sports

Player Analysis, Match Analysis Software


Finding weakness of a batsman from database of description of every ball he faced and the strokes offered.

Computer Vision

Machine Learning, Statistics, Big Data

Soccer: Match Analysis

Machine learning & Statistical Analysis, Image Processing, Computer Vision (e.g., finding weakness of a batsman in cricket)

Application of Data Science / Visualization techniques to Team play Analysis (e.g., Soccer).

New “Abstractions” to name and describe various elements of “Play”.

New “Abstractions” to name and describe various “Strategies”.

Sensors for feedback, performance analysis (e.g., in Tennis, Golf, etc.)


3. “Athletic Skill” Acquisition: Motor Learning

Enumerating all the “Athletic skills” to play at “Expert” level or for a specific move, helping others learn those skills (making the skills automatic – so that players can perform them without thinking). Systematic acquisition of skills.

Learning a specific Athletic skill:

Biomechanics. Image processing. Use of “Sensors”.

How close to learning the skill? Feedback from Biomechanical Images – Movement of Muscle and bone (e.g. while learning the skill of “Serving” in Tennis).

Sports Psychology. Flow State. Optimum performance. Stress Management. Resilience. Visualization.


4. Neural representations of over-lapping “Motor skills”

Hierarchical representation of Motor Skills in our brain.

Low level Motor skills (unconscious processes).

High level motor skills, each skill consisting of several “low level Motor skills”

(People learn these High Level skills consciously, but they become “unconscious process” with time. Do you remember the time when you started learning Cycling or Swimming? You were conscious that you were learning those “Skills”. But those skills became “automatic” with time. You no longer have to swim “by thinking how to swim”!)

Researchers working on Neural Representations of Motor Learning / Motor Skills

Latest From Science & Engineering, Medicine & Innovation [02.16.15]

Sony : Digital Car  #DigitalCar

After Apple, now it’s Sony!

“Sony, the electronics giant, is teaming up with Japanese robotics company ZMP to develop self-driving automobiles

Sony’s strength in image sensors, used in digital cameras, could translate to self-driving vehicles.”

Latest From Science & Engineering, Medicine & Innovation [02.15.15]

Apple : Apple Car – “The iCar” ?  #21stCenturyRenaissance  #DigitalCar

“IPhone Maker Has 100s Working on Design of a Minivan Like Vehicle”


Apple : Apple Search Engine   #21stCenturyRenaissance

How to create “The Next Silicon Valley” [A vibrant Tech & Entrepreneurial Hub]  #21stCenturyRenaissance

Physical Digital Retail   #PhysicalDigitalRetail  #21stCenturyRenaissance


A brief overview of the nature of Physical Digital Retail  #21stCenturyRenaissance

Retail has become a blur – with Physical Stores and Online Retail (together with Mobile) – each approaching the other to create something new – Physical Digital Retail.

Target, Macy‘s and Walmart, the Physical Stores, are focusing on

  • Online Retail and
  • In-store Mobile Tracking & Commerce

while Amazon and Google, the online giants, are investing in

  • “Same-day delivery Services” (the “instant gratification” factor – that only Physical Stores could offer in the past).


“In-store” Intelligent interfaces that interact with customers are beginning to make their appearances in Physical Stores.

Big Data and Analytical Tools will get popular among Physical Retailers for tasks such as

  • Sales pattern investigation
  • Supply chain management (SCM)
  • Product placement in Stores (utilizing methods such as Market basket Analysis).


Physical Digital Retail” is big!


Youtube Playlist (Compiled By Me):

Physical Digital Retail : What does the future of Retail look like?

The Beginnings Of A Renaissance In The 21st Century

The Beginnings Of A Renaissance In The 21st Century  #21stCenturyRenaissance


A Renaissance in Scientific and Engineering Innovation has quietly started in 2014 – mostly inside the walls of Large Corporate Houses.

People will begin to notice its impact within a year or so – when novel innovations from Corporations really start affecting our day to day lives and people begin to write and talk about those innovations widely.

My ideas and my writings are inspiration to this 21st Century Renaissance. My capacity to challenge the best Companies on the planet is the driving force.


Software & IT Corporations

Software & IT Corporations – Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon – all have renewed their focus on innovation.

We have already seen several new products.


Google bought lots of Companies (from “Robotics” & “Smart Home” Companies to “Artificial Intelligence” & “AeroSpace” Corporations) – belonging to areas which people thought Google would never venture into.

Microsoft brought Microsoft band, Microsoft HoloLens, Windows 10 and brought about changes to its corporate structure and company culture.

Facebook bought Oculus Rift and increased budget allocation for research and innovation (even if by compromising short term revenues – according to Zuckerberg).

We have already seen novel innovative products from Amazon and HP (including a Physical Digital Computer – “HP Sprout” [4] ).

And Apple, the consumer Electronics Company, has started working on a new Digital Car ( #DigitalCar ) – that is Self Driving [5] and Electric [6] and a new Search Engine [7].


Auto Companies

Auto Companies have renewed their efforts on innovation and research.

And It’s not just American Auto Corporations. German and Japanese Auto Corporations are equally excited by innovation possibilities!

We witnessed their efforts and had a glimpse of our future cars in CES 2015.

German automaker Mercedes-Benz showcased their “Concept Car” [3] – which is pretty far from “Cars” as we know them today!

Japanese automaker Toyota unveiled almost 6000 patents concerning “Fuel Cell Technology” to the world – furthering opportunities for research and innovation for people all over the world in CES 2015 [2].


Physical Digital Computing

And in the mean time – several new areas of innovation are taking shape – (from Digital Manufacturing and “Wearables” to Smart Home and Physical Digital Retail) – all of which fall under the broad area “Physical Digital Computing”.


Innovations will accelerate by several magnitudes as soon as I start working on Engineering & Scientific Innovations : At My Ventures [1].


Welcome to the 21st Century Renaissance!

Welcome to a new World – a world far better than the world we used to live in!

Welcome to World Version 2!


Articles By Me:



  1. Engineering & Scientific Innovations : At My Ventures [TahsinVersion2.com]
  2. Toyota “Fuel Cell” Patents – CES 2015: Toyota opens up almost 6000 hydrogen patents [BBC]
  3. Mercedes-Benz concept car – Mercedes-Benz unveils connected, self-driving concept car at CES 2015 [CNET]
  4. HP Sprout: Computer Reimagined HP Sprout: is this the future of desktop computing? [The Telegraph]
  5. Apple Car: Self driving Apple studies self-driving car, auto industry source says [Reuters]
  6. Apple Car: Electric – Apple Gears Up to Challenge Tesla in Electric Cars [WSJ]
  7. Apple : Search Engine Apple working on its own search engine [IBN Live]



Youtube Playlist (Compiled By Me): 

Leonardo da Vinci : The Greatest Polymath & The Central Figure of European Renaissance


Youtube Playlist (Compiled By Me):

Digital Car : What does your future Car look like?

Latest From Science & Engineering, Medicine & Innovation [02.10.15]

Physical Digital Computing   Internet Of Things (IOT) 

A $35 Windows PC to try out your inventive & creative potentials:



Digital Car: Product & Service Innovation At My Ventures

Youtube Playlist (Compiled By Me):  Digital Car




What does your future Car look like?


Electric / Hybrid / Fuel-cell  

[Electric Digital Car; Hybrid Digital Car]

Plus: Fuel Efficiency Add-on.

Autonomous / Semi-autonomous

Sensors – On-board Data Analytics

Collision Detection


Malfunction Detection

Connected (IoT)

Connected to Intelligent Highway (Real time Traffick monitoring); Connected to other vehicles. Less accidents.

Digital Platform & Apps

New User Interface (UI)  [Not Traditional “Steering wheels” and “Gears” and “Speed Readers”, rather New set of “Controls”]

Manufacturing of Cars

Digital Manufacturing: Robots, Automation and Additive Manufacturing Technologies.

New Materials.

3D Printed (parts) and then assembled.



  1. Your Connected Vehicle Is Arriving (MIT Technology Review)

Latest From Science & Engineering, Medicine & Innovation [01.24.15]

Social Media


“Users will be able to choose whether or not they want to see translation options for tweets in their account setting.”



Virtual Wireless Service

“Move Likely to Push Rivals to Cut Prices, Improve Speeds”


Gates Foundation

Empowering People   #EmpoweringPeople

“initiative will allow those who want to contribute to making changes in the world the opportunity to hear about how they can contribute by signing up through a new website, GlobalCitizen.org



#PhysicalDigital    #AugmentedReality


Physical Digital Computing


The only Conference dedicated to Physical Digital Computing:



Physical Digital Computing (#PhysicalDigital) & Internet of Things (IoT) dominated this year’s Consumers Electronics Show – CES 2015, which was the bigget CES in recent times.

Smart Home, Wearables, Smart Car, Drones and 3D Printers were the hot topics of interest.


Youtube Playlist (Compiled By Me): Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015    #PhysicalDigital

Smart City: At My Ventures

Youtube Playlist (Compiled by me): Smart City


Smart City: At My Ventures

Smart Infrastructure & Smart Utility  => Efficiency. Maintenance.

Electricity. Water. Road & Transportation.

Smart connected “Systems”

[e.g., Smoke sensors in buildings connected to the Fire department, leading to quicker responses in case of an emergency]

Smart management of City “Resources”

Traffic, Parking, etc.

Large Scale Engineering   #LargeScaleEngineering

Digital Displays

=> Access to “City Services”


Transportation, Metro-train, “On-demand Cars” etc.

=> When City Officials and National Leaders want to allocate budgets for “Smart City”, they look for Technologies that are visible, so that people can instantly identify the City as a “Smart City”.

“Digital Displays” with access to “City Services”, are one of the technologies that can play this role. The Spanish City of Barcelona embodies this concept.

“Digital Displays” in Barcelona ]

Urban Planning

Consulting to “City Governments”   

City Budget Planning

Attracting Businesses

Smart City Services (IT-enabled)

City: Platforms & Services

Engaging and encouraging the Youth and Citizens

to devise solutions to City Problems,

to start new “Services” that make life better for City dwellers.

Starting new Competitions. Introducing Prizes, Awards, Honors.

These would bring “life” to each City; and a sense of “excitement and engagement” among City dwellers.

Opening up “selected” Data-sets to Developers (respecting Individual Privacy):

“Services” built utilizing Data.

Natural Disaster Prediction (& Control)

Disease outbreak Prediction & Control

Traffic Congestion Control

Green Technologies. Sustainable Energy Planning.

High Tech Law Enforcement

with full respect to Citizens’ Privacy.


Latest From Science & Engineering, Medicine & Innovation [01.09.15]



Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) / Drone

UAV / Drone Platform


Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Latest From Science & Engineering, Medicine & Innovation [01.07.15]

Physical Digital Computing


“Intel CEO Brian Krzanich offered a glimpse into the company’s vision of the near future with a number of cutting-edge demonstrations including gesture controls, facial recognition security prompts, drones that know how to move around obstacles and a jacket that can help the visually impaired or blind sense what’s around them.

At the heart of many of the demonstrations was Intel’s RealSense 3D, the company’s depth-sensing camera technology.

Intel also made another push for wearables with Curie, a button-sized chip

2015 is truly a unique year,” Krzanich said. “It‘s the beginning of the next consumer technology wave.”


Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality


Smart Car



Digital Manufacturing




“Instead, new Chrome-like browser codenamed “Spartan” will ship alongside IE11.”