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Evolution of Computers & Computing

Quantum Information

Internet & Web

Computer Firms

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data

Work & Automation

Physical Computing / Internet of Things / Ubiquitous Computing

Digital Medicine / Healthcare IT

Educational Technology / Computers in Education


Latest From Science & Engineering, Medicine & Innovation [01.22.15]

Computer Science

Physical Digital Computing





Transportation Systems & Vehicles [Water]

The Diamond Princess, part of Carnival’s Princess Cruises line, carried Chinese tourists off the coast of Fukuoka, Japan, in August.

The Diamond Princess, part of Carnival’s Princess Cruises line, carried Chinese tourists off the coast of Fukuoka, Japan, in August.

“Carnival says it already enjoys a 55% to 60% share of the tiny but fast-growing Chinese market, and executives expect it to grow to about half the size of the U.S. market—the industry’s largest—by 2020.”

Latest From Science & Engineering, Medicine & Innovation [01.19.15]


Internet of Things (IoT)

A Look at Internet of Things (IoT) Industry as it stands Today

Analysts predictions (Internet of Things Global Market): 1.9 trillion from Gartner IT 2.44% , 7.1 trillion from IDC, 19 trillion from Cisco CSCO 0.99% .

Smart home: Nest (bought by Google), SmartThings (bought by Samsung)

Wearables: Smartwatches, fitness trackers, and pet-tracking gadgets

Industrial Internet: GE  …. Companies (that GE sells Industrial Equipment to)  use … data from sensors, like improving fuel efficiency and making trains run faster.

Chipmakers: Intel, Qualcomm, ARM Holdings.

Wireless-device makers, Networking Equipment Makers: Sierra Wireless, Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus Wireless, Netgear.

Big Data: Splunk, Hortonworks.

Smart Cars:    #SmartCar

  • Electric / Hybrid / Fuel-cell Cars.
  • Autonomous / Semi-autonomous Cars.
  • Sensors – Data:
    • More Fuel Efficient.
    • Collision Detection.
    • Automation.
  • Connected (IoT).
  • New User Interface (UI) – Not Traditional “Steering wheels” and “Gears” and “Speed Readers”, rather New “Controls”.
  • Manufacturing: Digital Manufacturing; New Materials; 3D Printed (parts) and then assembled.

The Story Behind Physical Digital Computing

The story behind Physical Digital Computing

  • I wrote about how manufacturing could be revolutionized by Computers. 
  • Sergey Brin told Google would happily start projects on Manufacturing.
  • I wrote “How do you integrate the Information World and the Physical World? (A world where the Physical world is completely aware of everything utilizing information from the Information World; the world of information is embedded in the Physical World.” in Research Problems I Want To Work On.
  • Brin thought it was intriguing! 
  • We invented the term “Physical Digital”.
  • Then I wrote Emerging Area: Physical Digital Integration
  • Brin told it was bigger than what he had previously thought and encouraged me to focus on it (Sort of “Physical Digital” pioneer!). 


Notes On “Digital Sports” & Sports Science [1]

Digital Sports    #DigitalSports

Applications Areas

Robotic Sports System, Robotic Player, Simulator


Batting against a Machine that throws a ball with adjustable speed and spin / swing

3D video of bowler running towards the batsman and the machine throws the ball from a hole – feels like a real match; sound of crowds cheering

Table Tennis




People playing not video games, rather with a Robot in the real world

More realistic than Kinect-like experience

Data Analytics Applied to Sports

Player Analysis, Match Analysis Software


Finding weakness of a batsman from database of description of every ball he faced and the strokes offered.

Computer Vision

Machine Learning, Statistics, Big Data

Soccer: Match Analysis

Machine learning & Statistical Analysis, Image Processing, Computer Vision (e.g., finding weakness of a batsman in cricket)

Application of Data Science / Visualization techniques to Team play Analysis (e.g., Soccer)

Sensors for feedback, performance analysis (e.g., in Tennis, Golf, etc.)

Mechanical Engineering (e.g., Batting practice in cricket)

Enumerating all the skills, helping others learn those skills (make the skills automatic – so that players can perform them without thinking) Systematic acquisition of skills.

Learning a specific Athletic skill:

Biomechanics. Image processing.

How close to learning the skill? Feedback from Biomechanical Images – Movement of Muscle and bone (e.g. while learning the skill of “Serving” in Tennis).


Sports Psychology. Flow State. Optimum performance. Stress Management. Resilience. Visualization.

Neural representation of over-lapping motor skills

Low level motor skills.

High level motor skills consisting of low level skills.

Hierarchical representation in the brain.

Researchers working in Neural Representation of Motor Learning / Motor Skills

Personal Notes On Physical Digital Computing – 1 [Unofficial]

  • For everything in the Physical World – Digital world having corresponding representations. If a door opens in the real world – Digital representation is updated [1].
    • Current: 
      • Virtual Worlds like Second Life [4] [5] [6] [7]
      • Google Earth – Street View
      • Siemens – virtual replicas of factories
      • Augmented Reality
  • A lot of design (and innovative thinking) would be required. 
  • Privacy concerns. 
    • Letting people know how the collected data is being used.
    • Anonymous.
  • Design Open Protocols for Internet of things.
    • Inspirations
      • Semantic Web. Meta-data. Automated processing.  
  • Wireless Sensor Network
    • Applications
      • Environment
      • Healthcare
      • Industry 
  • Create a Physical Digital Tribe!
  • Open hardware platforms – community – gives the starting point.
    • Prototype. Try out new things. At low cost.  
  • Open Source Software. 
    • Institutional Education 
      • New Degrees?
        • “Physical Digital Computing”
      • EE – more CS? CS – more Hardware? 
      • Internet Of Things Engineering – program has been introduced in Europe. 
    • Physical Digital -> The world gets more measurable -> Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Optimization. 
      • So Physical Digital Data & Intelligence. 
    • Industrial Internet 
      • Sensors, Network and Data -> Smarter Machines.
      • General Electric
      • GE Predix
    • New Physical Digital Platforms
      • Accelerometers in SmartPhones – New Apps. 
      • Wearables. 
      • More sensors – New Types of Apps
    • Power
      • Small Physical Digital Systems running on energy from nature, surroundings. 
    • Enterprise
      • Physical Digital / Internet Of Things Data & Intelligence 
        • -> Every process in businesses (from Marketing to Supply Chain) 
          • -> getting value.
    • SAP
    • Cisco 
    • GE 
      • Industrial Internet
    • Products
      • Cloud Manufacturing
      • Car 2.0, Drones, Smart Transportation System, 
      • Self driving car with fuel efficiency add-on manufactured in the Cloud Manufacturing plant.
      • Book 2.0, Musical Instruments 2.0 
      • Home Robots, Smart Home
        • Cooking Machines (Inventors focused on Ovens and Microwave ovens.)
          • Add-ons for different tasks. Recipe download.  
      • Smart City
        • Efficient Infrastructures. 
        • Energy Efficiency.
        • Smart Transportation System
      • Digital Sports
      • Digital Medicine
      • Information Interface for the next 5 Billion
      • Digital Information on Physical World
        • Sixth Sense
      • Physical Digital Crime Tech
      • Exploring Virtual Worlds with Virtual Reality Headsets, Devices.
    • The story behind Physical Digital
      • I wrote “How do you integrate the Information World and the Physical World? (A world where the Physical world is completely aware of everything utilizing information from the Information World; the world of information is embedded in the Physical World.” in Research Problems I Want To Work On
      • Sergey thought it was intriguing! 
      • We invented a name “Physical Digital”.
      • Then I wrote Emerging Area: Physical Digital Integration
      • Sergey told it was bigger than what he had previously thought.
    • Areas of study
      • Software
        • Sensory Data Processing
          • Digital Signal Processing
          • Digital Image Processing
          • Computer Vision
        • Data Science
      • Network
        • Wireless Sensor Network
        • Network Technologies: RFID, NFC, 


    Designing Information Interface For The Next 5 Billion

    Designing Information Interface For The Next 5 Billion

    Internet For All

    5 Billion more people will join the Internet and other information services users in less than a decade. Many of them would be poor from developing countries, unable to read or write. The challenge is to develop information interfaces for those 5 Billion people. 

    New Interface

    • New Multimedia interface to the Information World for people all over the world
      • Not browsers (URLs, Hyperlinks, Documents), as we know them today.  
    • Speech Recognition 
      • Local languages 
    • Machine Translation 
    • Multimedia Content 
    • Search Engines with natural language speaking assistant 
    • Personal Assistants with natural language speaking assistant
      • Apple Siri
      • Google Now 
    • Cheap, more powerful Computers with new architectures, built from different materials would be required for meeting the computational demand of Machine Translation and Speech Recognition in the Cloud.
      • Continuation of Moore’s Law by shifting paradigms from current architecture and hardware to new and better alternatives.    

    Devices and Network

    • Cheap Smartphone 
    • Internet for all
      • Google Loon 

    • Data utilized for changing the lives of people.
      • Healthcare
      • Education

    Physical Digital
    • Physical Digital Products 
    • Cheap 3D Printers 
    • Fab labs 
      • Free downloadable designs for products 


    Planning For An America That Lives Up To Dreams Of Its People

    Planning For An America That Lives Up To Dreams Of Its People

    • American Energy 
      • Oil and Gas Boom [1] +
      • Fuel Efficiency Addon For Cars (Energy Savings) +
      • Internet Of Things At Home (Energy Savings)
      • Improvements in Renewable Energy Technologies
    • American Manufacturing [1]
      • Cloud Manufacturing [2] 
        • “Made in USA” Revolution!
        • America becomes a manufacturing super-power!
        • America revolutionizes the world by manufacturing Physical Digital Systems. [3] [4] [5]
      • Reduction in Unemployment. 
    • American Education
      • Better Education System [1]
      • Education Platform [2]
    • American Healthcare [2]
      • Redesigning American Healthcare [1] 
    • American R&D
      • Research Platform [1]
        • More fruitful Research
      • Interdisciplinary Research [2]
        • Cross pollination of ideas.
    • American Law & Order
      • Dramatic Improvement. Dramatic drop in crime rate.
        • Introduction of Advanced Technologies.
        • Change in Society.
    • America in World Stage
      • America leads in every sector.
      • America – A force for good. [1]
    • American States
      • Plan for each and every of America’s States. 
      • Smart Cities.
    • American Dream
      • The only country in the world where if you work hard, no matter where you came from and where you are now, you can turn your dreams into reality! 


    American Energy
    American Manufacturing
    American Education

    American Healthcare

    American R&D

    America in World Stage
    American Immigration Laws

    "Things That Think" From Prof. Neil Gershenfeld

    Neil Gershenfeld [1], an MIT Professor, published a book “When Things Start to Think” [2] back in 1999. 

    Here are some of his “things that think”:

    • Books that can change into other books 
    • Musical instruments that help beginners engage and virtuosi do more 
    • Shoes that communicate through body networks 
    • Printers that output working things instead of static objects 
    • Money that contains behavior as well as value 

    A Note On “Revolutionary”, as opposed to “Evolutionary”, Innovations

    For truly original innovations (new paths, etc.) you have to combine two or more separate fields. (If the invention or idea was already somewhere else in your chosen field, then it’s not considered “revolutionary”; rather just “evolutionary”.) That amounts to saying that for truly creative innovations, you have to master (or at least have an overview of) more than one field. 

    • Neil Gershenfeld combining Physics and Computer Science 
    • Ed Boyden [3] applying Physics and EE to Neuroscience (his work on Optogenetics [4]) 

    stand out.

    Among research institutes, MIT Media Lab [5] provides the kind of environment where faculties and students across different disciplines work together and share the same space which leads to more cross-pollination of ideas. It’s no surprise that both Prof. Neil and Ed work at the Media Lab!