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Youtube Playlist (Compiled by me): Smart Book & Digital Publishing : E-Readers & E-Reading Re-Designed From The Ground Up

Media & Publishing: At My Ventures

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World Affairs. Business & Economics.

Science. Technology. Educational Programs & Learning Shows.

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BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera

Discovery Channel, National Geographic


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Weekly Scientific Research Journal

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Nature, Science

Weekly Science Magazine

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Scientific American, New Scientist,

Discover Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, National Geographic


Weekly Tech Magazine

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MIT Technology Review, IEEE Spectrum

Wired, Wired UK,

Popular Science, Popular Mechanics


Weekly Business & Economics Magazine

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Harvard Business Review,

Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company,

Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg Market


Weekly “World Affairs” Magazine

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The Economist, Time Magazine,

Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy,

Christian Science Monitor, The Atlantic.

One English Daily Newspaper published from Bangladesh (buy shares of an existing newspaper or establish a new one)

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Smart Book (A new kind of Gadget); Platform for publishing Smart Books & Magazines

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Self-publishing Platform

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Android App Inventor

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Artificial Intelligence: Platforms & Apps – At My Ventures

Youtube Playlist (Compiled by me): Artificial Intelligence “Platform”

Artificial Intelligence: “Platforms” & “Apps”  


Artificial Intelligence & Robotics “Platform”  #AtMyVentures

3rd Party Applications, Services & Robots built on top of the Platform

The “Intelligence” behind Smart Connected Products – “Platform”

[Current Generation Instance: IBM Watson]

Knowledge Based Robotics, Expert Robotics 

[Articles By Me: No. 11]

Augmented Robotics 

[Articles By Me: No. 11]

Next Generation Web Search Engine  #AtMyVentures

A Search Engine based on Real World “Entity” Recognition in Webpages and Information Extraction (IE)

Rather than just Word indexing and Hyperlink Analysis (Current Generation Web Search Engine – introduced in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page through the Google Search Engine.)

We have had the same Search Engine technology for the past 17 years, with little incremental improvements.

Incremental Improvements included:

1. Refining Search Results based on User Clicks, etc (using Machine Learning Models. Changing “Parameter” values in Equations and testing to find out if users like the newer version more).

2. Parallel & Distributed Processing (to handle the ever increasing size of the Web and the number of Documents it contains)

3. Caching Search Results (for faster responses)

4. Adding “External” Semantic Data on the Search Result page, and in “Domain Specific” Search Engines (e.g., Books, Shopping, etc.).

Instances: Google bought Freebase and integrated the “Knowledge Graph”. Microsoft bought Powerset – the Wikipedia Search Engine.

Big Data 2.0 => New Kinds Of Sciences  #AtMyVentures

[Articles By Me: No. 3]

Link: “New Kinds of” Social Sciences  []

Recommendation Systems

Provides Recommendations utilizing Models based on “New Kinds Of Sciences”

Service Agents  #ServiceAgent  #AtMyVentures 

Artificial Agents that can perform “Service” Industry Jobs

Example “Service Agents”:

“Airline Ticket Reservation Agent” that assists you in buying your Airline Tickets, taking all your personal requirements & constraints (budget constraints, time constraints, etc.) into consideration.

Agents that can replace “Call Center” Workers

Personal Agent  #AtMyVentures

That act as an “interface” to the World around you.

State of the Art “Personal Agent”:

Google Now

Microsoft Cortana

Apple Siri

Agents Across Different Verticals

Medical Diagnostic Agent

Personal Finance Management & Recommendation Agent

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The Development & Privacy Concerns of “Wearable: Platforms & Services”

Privacy is vital when it comes to “Wearable” Gadget & Platform design.

When Insurance Gets “Personalized” & “Predictable”


Your personal health data getting into the hands of Insurance Companies could have horrible consequences.

No one would want Insurance Companies to use “personal” health data for determination of Insurance prices. “Personal” is the key, which means
“So, this guy’s wearables say he has very high risk for Heart Diseases and we are not going to sell insurance to him, but only to those who have low risks for Heart Disease.”
And people who need most – people with the highest risks for Heart Diseases – would be denied of Insurances and won’t receive any healthcare.
Another Problem: the whole point of Insurance is reducing risks of “all buyers” as a whole and if the amount of “individual” risk gets too much predictable – then this overall effect (of reducing risks) is lost.
This is applicable to Insurance Companies and Healthcare Providers in general.

Reformulation of US National Policies & Laws

I would reformulate US National Policies & Laws for the best interest of everyone concerned –
  • Wearable Users
  • Wearable Manufacturers and
  • Insurance Companies.


It is permissible to let Insurance Companies use “Collective” Data, but not permissible to let them use “Personal” Data on an individual basis which would make health (& healthcare needs) of each person predictable.


This applies not just to “Wearables” but Healthcare Providers and Insurance Companies in general.

Private Life & Privacy Concerns

Besides, no one would want readings to be taken while one is in one’s bedroom or in other private places, unless the user permits.

Gaining Trust of Users

We, “Wearable” Gadget and Platform Designers have to be very explicit about – how users’ data that we collect is being “used” or “misused”.

Restricting Data Access for App & Service Developers

I would recommend “Wearable” Gadget and Platform Designers not to give direct access to User Data to App and Service Developers, but only “anonymous” (and “accumulated”, like the averages, total, etc.) access through suitable APIs.

“Privacy and Security” Service

I have plans for introducing a Privacy and Security Service for
  • Authorizing Gadget & Platform Designers and App & Service Developers (so that users feel comfortable) and
  • Provide explicit information to everyone on how users’ collected data is being used on any of the various Gadgets, Platforms and Apps.


Articles By Me