America in Realization [03.24.15]


Politics: Election 2016

Presidential Election nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton

Presidential Election nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton

1. Working together (Executive Branch and the Legislature): People should “get out of the kind of very unproductive discussion, where people are just in their ideological bunkers, having arguments instead of trying to reach across those divides and have some solutions.”

2. Urban America.

3. Income inequality as a persistent problem.”


Empowering the Poor

Personally, I prefer the term “Poverty reduction” to “Tackling Income Inequality” – the later makes one feel as though the Government has to take money away from the rich (by burdening people with more Taxes) to take care of the poor.

The truth:

“There is more than enough for all of us – the rich, the poor and everyone in between. It’s all about getting all the “Systems” work better.”


Instances of “Systems”: Everything that comprises the Healthcare is a “System” – the “Healthcare System”.


I prefer “Poverty reduction” to “Tackling Income Inequality“, but the phrase I prefer most is “Empowering the Poor”. #EmpowermentOfPeople  #EmpoweringThePoor


How do you Empower the Poor?

By improving relevant “Systems”, so that the poor can afford Education and Training, Healthcare and Medicine, secure Jobs or start their own venture.


Poverty Reduction Initiative