Education – Institutions, Platforms, Tools & Leadership: At My Ventures

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Education: Institutions, Platforms, Tools & Leadership


Education: Institutions, Platforms, Tools & Leadership




[Printed Textbook Plus Digital “Interactive” Versions]

  • Most authoritative and up to date work (continuously updated) on every area and sub-area of Science & Engineering, Humanities and Social Studies, Economics & Business.
  • Me, with Co-Authors.


Higher Education Leadership




Instances of Platforms:

The Instances above are crude versions of what comes next.

Links to Articles:


“Problem Solving” Platforms

“Competitive” Platforms

  • Mathematical Olympiads. Science Olympiads. Chess Olympiads.
  • Programming Contests. Engineering Competitions.


New DIY Platforms for Schools, Colleges  (and community around that Platform). Example: “Maker” Community.


3D Printing Platforms for Schools, Colleges

New Builder / “Automata Set” / “Automata Platform” for kids



  • Microsoft Book [Device]
  • Games / Programming: Kodu; Minecraft; Spark


“Smart Book” & Digital Publishing Platform

Youtube Playlist (Compiled By Me): Smart Book & Digital Publishing : E-Readers & E-Reading Re-Designed From The Ground Up


“Creative Expression” Platforms


  • Book, Magazine, App Publishing
  • Video
  • App Development (with no coding required).
    • Example: MIT App Inventor.

Programming Platform




Engineering & Scientific Innovations: At My Ventures

Engineering & Scientific Innovations: At My Ventures

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Robotics
  3. Smart Home
  4. Smart City
  5. Physical Digital Retail
  6. Digital Finance
  7. Digital Sports & Sports Science
  8. Education: Institutions, Platforms & Tools. Leadership & Consulting.
  9. Media & Publishing
  10. Software: Web / Mobile / Cloud Platform
  11. Smart Security
  12. Next Generation Computers
  13. Augmented Reality – Virtual Reality
  14. Wearables
  15. Enterprise Physical Digital Computing
  16. Digital Manufacturing
  17. Manufacturing [Materials]
  18. Research & Engineering (R&E) Consulting. Management Consulting.
  19. Smart Connected Products
  20. BioEngineering and Translational Medicine
  21. Energy & Power
  22. Construction & Architecture
  23. Theme Park Development
  24. Defense Tech
  25. Aerospace
  26. Transportation Systems & Vehicles 
  27. Agricultural Machinery & Digital Agriculture
  28. Academia => Industry

Digital Manufacturing: At My Ventures

  • Manufacturing Cloud
  • 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing
  • Automation & (Adaptable) Robots
  • Establishing Advanced Manufacturing Facilities for Firms.

Youtube Playlist (Compiled by Me): Digital Manufacturing

What happens when you employ Digital Technologies to Manufacturing?

Amazing things become possible! Discover for yourself!

Manufacturing [Materials]: At My Ventures

  • Computational Materials Design
  • Combinatorial Chemistry
  • Nanoengineered Materials
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Polymer Science; Biochemistry; Molecular Biology [Structure => Function]

Smart Home: At My Ventures

  • Cleaner Robots
  • Smart Cooker (Able to Follow step by step recipe)
  • Smart Babycare Sleeping Bed
  • Smart Refrigerator
  • Robot Mower
  • Customizable Home

Youtube Playlist (Compiled by me): Smart Home

Smart City: At My Ventures

  • Smart Infrastructure & Smart Utility (Electricity, Water etc.) [Efficiency. Maintenance]
  • Smart connected “Systems” [e.g., Smoke sensors in buildings connected to the Fire department]
  • Smart management of City “Resources” (Traffic, Parking, etc.)
  • Natural Disaster prediction (& control), Disease outbreak prediction
  • Green Technologies; Sustainable Energy
  • High Tech Law Enforcement (with full respect to Citizens’ Privacy).

Youtube Playlist (Compiled by me): Smart City

Digital Sports & Sports Science

Youtube Playlist (Compiled by me): Digital Sports & Sports Science

Energy & Power : At My Ventures

  • Renewables [Solar, Wind – Materials Innovation, Smart Control, Distributed]
  • Nuclear
  • Fuel Efficiency Add-ons.
  • Smart Grid (Sensors, IoT).
  • Smart Transformer.
  • Distributed / Decentralized Electricity Grid.
  • Green Technologies
  • Battery Technology.

Physical Digital Retail : At My Ventures

  • Youtube Playlist (Compiled by me): Physical Digital Retail 


Digital Finance

Next Generation Computers

  • New Materials.
  • New Architectures.
  • New UI. [Example: Humanistic User Interface (HUI)]


Augmented Reality – Virtual Reality

Enterprise Physical Digital Computing

  • Efficient Supply Chain Management (SCM) with Sensors and Data
  • Smart Vending Machine

Research & Engineering (R&E) Consulting. Management Consulting.

  • Research, Engineering & Consultancy Center in each of the 50 US States. [Long term plan: Gradually expand to all the nations (From Britain & China to India, Iran & Indonesia) on Earth.]
  • Link: Government Services [TahsinVersion2]
  • Enterprise Software. Big Data 2.0.
  • Internet Of Things (IoT) Consulting. Physical Digital Computing Consulting.

Construction & Architecture: At My Ventures

  • Airport
  • Sea Port

Theme Park Development: At My Ventures


Remember “Jurassic Park”? Ever dreamed of living among huge Dinosaurs? Want to live in “19th Century Britain”?

  • I shall develop “Theme Parks” – that hold “Models of life” during different Historic and Pre-historic Times. You go to those “Theme Parks” and “live the life” for a few days.
  • “Pre-historic Life” Park [Remember “Jurassic Park”? Ever dreamed of living among huge Dinosaurs?]
  • “Historic” Park: You go to a Park and live in, say, “19th Century Britain” for a few days with others; eating food of those times, wearing clothes of those times, and maybe hunting and farming a bit too!


Smart Connected Products

  • Industrial Internet
  • “Wearables”

Artificial Intelligence: At My Ventures

Link: Artificial Intelligence: Platforms & Apps – Product & Service Innovation At My Ventures []

  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Platform [=> 3rd Party Applications & Services on top of the Platform]
  • The “Intelligence” behind Smart, Connected Products
  • “Personal Agent” [that acts as an interface to the World around you]

Youtube Playlist (Compiled by me): Artificial Intelligence Platform

Robotics: At My Ventures

  • Knowledge Based Robots. Expert Robots.
  • Augmented Robots
  • Surgical Robots
  • Industrial / Manufacturing Robots.
  • Construction Robots.
  • Service Robots

BioEngineering and Translational Medicine: At My Ventures

  • Scientific, Engineering, Medical Equipment
  • Healthcare IT
  • Gene Sequencing
  • Medical Devices
  • Prosthetics, Tissue Engineering / Regenerative Medicine

Defense Tech

  • Robots (Human soldiers gradually being replaced by Robots; just as fighter planes by drones; less possibility of injury to humans)
  • “Iron Man” Suit
  • [Injured] Prosthetics -> (research) -> Tissue Engineering / Regenerative Medicine
  • Psychiatric / Neurological Services
  • Security & Safety : Biological weapons, Chemical weapons, Nuclear weapons, Cyber Attacks.

Education: Institutions, Platforms & Tools. Leadership & Consulting.

Platforms & Services

Textbooks (Plus Digital Interactive Versions)

  • Most authoritative and up to date work (continuously updated) on every topic, every area and sub-area of Science & Engineering, Economics & Business [Me with co-authors].

New DIY Platforms for Schools, Colleges  (and community around that Platform. Example: “Maker” Community.)

3D Printing Platforms for Schools, Colleges

New Builder / “Automata Set” / “Automata Platform” for kids


  • Microsoft Book [Device]
  • Games / Programming: Kodu; Minecraft; Spark

“Book 2.0 / Smart Book” Platform

Programming Platform


Media & Publishing: At My Ventures

  • News & Analysis Site; Magazine. Digital Publishing Platform.
    • Politics. Science & Engineering, Medicine & Innovation. Business & Economy [An outgrowth of TahsinVersion2]
  • Smart Book (Gadget); Smart Book (& Magazine) Platform; Apps; Educational Games; Interactive Contents.
  • “Creative Expression” Platform:
    • Self-publishing; Video; App-Development and sharing Platform (with no-coding requirements).
  • Social Network
    • Focused on bringing about meaningful changes to the world.
  • Advertisement Platform (& Business).
  • Advising / Consultancy to News / Magazines / Media Firms

Youtube Playlist (Compiled by me): Smart Book & Digital Publishing : E-Readers & E-Reading Re-Designed From The Ground Up


Aerospace: At My Ventures

  • Commercial Aircraft
  • Helicopter
  • UAV; Drones
  • Satellite

Transportation Systems & Vehicles: At My Ventures

  • Smart Car [Autonomous / Semi-autonomous; Hybrid / Electric; Connected]
  • Intelligent Highway
  • High Speed Rail

Software: Web / Mobile / Cloud Platform

  • CAD. CAM. Scientific / Statistical Computing. Big Data Processing
  • Cyber-Security Software & Consultancy.
  • Book 2.0 Platform
  • Personal Health Platform
  • “Creative Expression Platform”. Examples include
    • Self-publishing Book Industry
    • Youtube
    • Scratch, etc.

Smart Security

  • Bio-metric Identification

Agricultural Machinery & Digital Agriculture: At My Ventures

  • Farming Drone.
  • Autonomous Tractors.
  • Physical Digital Irrigation (System comprising : IoT, Sensors, Actuators).

Academia => Industry 

Idea => Products

Lots of half baked
  • Scientific Innovations,
  • Technological Patents,
  • Ideas,

in Academia (10%, 20% completed)

-> turned into finished Industrial Products  & Services (100%).



I shall have Local Offices of my “Ventures” in all of the 200+ Nations on Earth.

Everyone with responsible positions at nearby Churches can work closely with people working at my Ventures (on projects like Community Organizing, etc.). #RomanCatholicChurch

Latest From Science, Technology And Medicine [11.05.14]

Digital Manufacturing

Smart Book
Digital Publishing

Notes On Design Of “Smart Book” : E-Readers & E-Reading Redesigned From Ground-up

I shall bring a Smart Book (a new gadget; one of my Physical Digital Products) to Market.Navigation features

Enable quick, intuitive movement between pages. Most important.

You see how many pages you are moving. You can “always” have an eye on how many pages are left on both sides. Paper book like experience.

This is the feature I miss most. I can’t go back and forth quickly (say, to understand a topic better) while I am reading an E-Book as I can when I read Paper books.

Keep several pages open at once – quick movement [Example: Browser Tabs] Just tap to keep a page open.

Double Screen. Foldable. Paper book sized.

You should be able to view your progress. (Paper books – thickness on either side) (People miss while reading an EBook)

Annotation, Marking features 

Bill Gates misses this most [1] in E-books as they are today.

Web as a Reference

You mark and get a Wikipedia Article or Google search results (Choosing option – Settings). You don’t have to leave the book while browsing Web (2 screens. Go back to book. Web Browser limited to a small space.)

Less Eye strain


Carry around thousands or even millions of books (a few pounds) wherever you go.

Do not focus on squeezing all the “Tablet and Media” features into your gadget. Focus only on books. If you can really design a gadget that is good enough to replace all the paper books people read – it’s huge! Students and Book lovers all over the World would thank you!

  UI completely focused on E-Book experience. Not Tablet (Android /   Windows) UI extended to E-books.

Tablets are mostly, media consumption devices. Gadgets that foster creation -> Tochscreen + Keyboard

Once Book 2.0 becomes widespread, books would contain video, audio, Multimedia and most importantly, Interactive features (imagine being able to write Javascript scripts for multiple-choice questions and answers inside a book – better learning experience).

Everyone knows about my passion for books! I am involved in a Political movement in Bangladesh with the goal of turning it into a political party and we have decided that the symbol of our party (for elections) would be “Book”. In our movements, people would bring their “Book”s with them.

People of Bangladesh would use their own “Book”s as symbol of protest.

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

Best of both worlds:

Physical Book like

  • Navigation (quickly go to any page you wish; rapidly go back and forth), made possible by Innovative UI
  • Dual screen
  • Annotation
  • Less eye strain (E-ink?)


Digital Book like

  • Information management
    • Search , etc.
  • Reference
  • Web access
  • Multimedia & Interactivity (Scripts) integrated in “new kinds of” books
  • Access to millions of books from a light gadget


    1. Bill Gates: Here Are the Books I Read When Out on the Road (Wired)