What I worked on today [10.27.19]


What I worked on today

  1. How to write fiction – novels and short stories: Science Fiction short story. Mystery story. Thriller novel. Fantasy short story.
    • Why: Currently, I am working on 2 short stories: 1 Sci fi, 1 Mystery.
  2. Compare and learn: C++, Java, C#, Python, PHP.
      • C++: Looping, Branching, Object oriented features, Boost library
      • Java: Object oriented features, Functional programming features, GUI, Android development
      • C#: Object oriented features, Functional programming features, Other features: LINQ
      • Python: Objects, Class, Functions, Built in Data Structures, Django (Web)
      • PHP: Assignment oriented features (based on C), Dynamic typing, Object oriented features (based on Java), Functional programming features.
    • Why: Software startup
  3. Object oriented Software development. Applications of Functional programming. Component oriented Software development.
    • Why: Software startup, Research area
  4. Aeronautics and Astronautics
    • Why: AeroAstro company, Research area
  5. Mechanical Engineering: Simple machines, mechanisms
    • Why: Mechanical Engineering applications