Immanuel Tahsin: Skills And Expertise

Immanuel Tahsin: Skills & Expertise


Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS)

Electrical Engineering

Computer Science

CS Area: Artificial Intelligence & Big Data

Artificial Intelligence. Robotics. Computer Vision. Speech & Language Processing.

Big Data. Machine Learning.

CS Area: Systems

Linux. Systems Development.

Network Protocols. Distributed Systems

Mobile & Cloud

Mobile Development. Android Development.

Web Application Development. Distributed, Scalable Application Development.

CS Area: Theory & Algorithms


Problem Solving

CS Area: Software Engineering

Software Engineering Tools & Processes.

Java, C#, C++/C, Objective-C, Scala, Common Lisp/Clojure, Python, PHP, JavaScript.

Hadoop. Hama. Spark.



Internet Of Things (IoT)


Digital Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing. 3D Printing.

Healthcare Information Systems 

Economics & Finance

Economic Policy

Finance & Banking

Development Economics



Applied Physics

Theoretical Physics

Applied Mathematics

Pure Mathematics


Bioengineering & Life Sciences

Bioengineering. Biotechnology.

Computational & Systems Biology (CSB). Bioinformatics.

Molecular Biology. Biochemistry.

Medical Devices. Digital Medicine.


Neuroscience & Neuro-Engineering

Neuroscience & Neuro-Engineering

Computational Neuroscience


Cognitive Science


Mechanical Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Automotive Engineering

Manufacturing Processes


Construction & Infrastructure Engineering


Management Science & Engineering

Product Design & Development. Project Management.

Management Consulting

Marketing Strategy. Gamification.


Operations Research. Big Data. Analytics. Systems Engineering.


Political Science & Government 

Constitution & Public Institutions

Public Policy

Public Administration

Political Campaigning

International Relations (IR). Negotiation.



Higher Education Leadership

Educational Technology


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